Official Comic Con Post (Finally!! ;)

Greetings, friends! Finally posting those Comic Con pics I promised… Regrettably, though, I believe I waited a tick too long to make this post. (Sorry!! It’s been a busy week! :)) I had planned to write an in-depth coverage piece for those who couldn’t go, but now I feel like I’ve talked about it so […]

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HAPPY COMIC CON WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Update: New Twitter Page!)

This just in: I’m experimenting with having a new, less pornified Twitter page. Hopefully I can keep it tame(ish :)) so it won’t cause any further problems. Feel free to follow me at or (or both), so we can be nerdy in all the corners of the internet together. (How else will you know what I had […]

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Happy July 7th!!!!

I’m a tad late with this, but I hope everyone had a very Happy 4th of July weekend (whether it was a holiday for you or not :)).   Mine was pretty exhausting (in a good way), so right now I really just want to crash out on my couch and fall asleep watching some […]

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