Santa’s Coming Tonight!!

And no, I do not mean that in the pervy sense (for once ;)). Merry Christmas Eve, homiebots…I hope everyone is feeling warm, festive, and happy somewhere.  I gotta confess, though…It has been a long, crazy Christmas Eve here in my part of Bikini Bottom.  I got to New York yesterday, and had planned to […]

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And Now on to the Next Adventure… ;)

Hiya, homies! Figured I should do an update on this whole Miss DD thing. I’m just going to (lazily ;)) copy my Tumblr post so you guys can get the gist of it, and say thank you again for all the super sweet messages of support I got throughout the competition process. It really, truly […]

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On a Happier Note…

..well, sort of, I guess. It’s sad, actually, but happy because we can all do something to help make someone know they are loved.   A few days ago, I saw this post:   “Alright folks, I want you to meet Dennis. He’s a huge lover of comics, (as you can tell from his awesome […]

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Still too emotional to talk about this, but felt like it needed to be addressed. I’m choosing to do it Tumblr-style, though, so I don’t have to form complete thoughts. So not up for that right now…:( :( :(







…and all was well. :)



#Always Believe  :)

The. End. *


*Of this post…Never for my Pats!! ;)

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I Updated My Wishlist!! :)

  So…I’ve gotten an awful lot of emails inquiring about my Amazon Wishlist. Let me first state that I sincerely SUPER appreciate anyone that cares enough to ask about it. However, having one is just so not for me. I tried having one for about a minute and a half because people actually got miffed […]

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Presented (Mostly ;) without Comment…

…other than that I’m glad they are FINALLY doing something with Diana. It does seem like there have been endless casting rumors for ages now, with nothing to really show for it. Also, I seriously <3 Black Nerd. That is all. (For now. ;))

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December Awesomeness is Here!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s officially December, which means I can finally set free all the Christmas Cheer I’ve been trying to hold back since Halloween ended (R.I.P.)…So, without further ado, here goes nuthin’… HAPPY, HAPPY HO-LIDAYS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To get things started off right, I captured some of the highlights (by my standards, at least :)) of the […]

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