2014: The Year of Jim Carrey.
2014: The Year of Jim Carrey.

And surprisingly I don’t mean the sexxxy vampire version I fell in lust with the first time I saw Once Bitten.


Oh…Utter hotness. :) *dreamy sigh*

But back to the point: I’m feeling much better now, so it’s time to officially start kicking some booty in this new year!! :)

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, because I feel like every day is a chance to make positive changes towards being the person you really want to be. (I saw that on the Steve Harvey show once, I think… ;)) However, last year was a little bonkers for me, both personally and professionally. Not going to get into it again, but for the sake of recapping, let’s just say I spent a regrettable amount of time feeling sad, lost, hopeless, angry…often all at the same time. As a deputy Blue Lantern (self-appointed ;)), it is extremely difficult to break my hopeful, optimistic spirit. But I’ll be darned if a lot of crappiola didn’t just about get me to that point in 2013. You’ll never hear me say it was a “bad” year, though. Everything we go through really does make us all that much stronger, and even in our lowest moments there is always joy to be found if you’re open enough to recognize it. (Once again, thank you Steve Harvey. ;))

Anyway, the only semi-resolution I’m making this year is to Yes Man anything and everything I possibly can.  Here’s a clip from the appropriately-titled Jim Carrey cinematic masterpiece just in case you aren’t familiar with it:

Classic. ;)

To sum it up for you, the main character basically has to say yes to everything for a year.  I’ve decided that I’m going to do my best to be that way, too, until this time next year and see what happens with it. Realistically I’m going to have to have some restrictions, but I’m going to try to have as few as I possibly can. I have a really bad habit of doubting myself, and letting other folks talk me out of doing things that don’t make any sense (to them, anyway). Well, this year, bollocks to that!! I get that I look at things a lil differently than most people, but instead of letting the naysayers of the world get to me, I’m choosing to say yes despite what others may think, and despite whether my outlook makes rational sense or not. I’m also not going to talk myself out of doing things that might be interesting because I’m scared, busy, or just plain lazy. That’s a very easy trap to fall into, and I’m going to do all I can to Yes Man my way into thinking differently and, most importantly, truly thinking for myself for a change.

I’ll update you as much as I can (without being overly boring about it ;)) as my experiment unfolds. I’d also love to hear your story, too, if you’re trying to make some positive changes in your life. (Maybe we can keep each other motivated… ;)) I’ve already heard from one friend who up and started his own non-profit Comic Con because he’s fed up with all the red tape BS going on with SDCC (hear hear, brutha!), another who was recently fired and decided to view that as an opportunity to start up the business he’s always wanted to, despite being petrified of how things might turn out with it (EVERYTHING is a risk…You have to do what makes you happy and work out any kinks as you go along :)), and some other awesomely inspirational buddies who are doing things like volunteering regularly despite working multiple jobs, finding ways to get their artwork seen/published despite it being “banned” in the small town they live in (don’t even get me started on censorship…oy!!! :)), and going back to school despite people trying to convince them they’re “too old for it to matter”. Again I say, “Bollocks!!”. As long as you are striving to be a good person, I urge you to do what makes you happy and not give a rat’s patootie what anyone else thinks about it. (That last part was from Dr. Phil…Gotta mix it up now and then. ;))

On that note, I introduce you to my first noteworthy and official Yes Man experiment of the New Year. (I guess it’s actually the second, come to think of it, if you count the craziness of Shockfest…but more on that later. :)) I’m going to try my hand at blogging for really reals on a site called Man Cave Daily (http://mancave.cbslocal.com/). I’m not 100% clear what I’m going to be doing there yet, but I’m going to give it a go and hope for the best. (And lots of thanks again to Brendan at MCD for contacting and guiding me through this attempt at becoming a legit Lois Lane. ;))

I was given lots of intriguing column suggestions, and at least one of them you guys can help out with, if you so desire. It’d be a weekly “requested photo” (to complement my actual Pulitzer Prize-worthy writing, of course ;)). The pics would have to be relatively tame (read: no nudity :(), but that’s all the more reason to come up with some silly fun things for me to shoot for you. :) The hypothetical example they gave me was “a guy who wants to see a woman in overalls eating an apple on a southwestern-facing fence” . Not my usual thing, granted, but that’s why it’s great to have these sort of suggestions thrown at me. If that’s what you want, my dear apple-lovin’ sir, then that’s what you’ll get. That’s just one idea, though, so feel free to send me any others you can com up with so I can get crackin’ on ‘em ASAP. :)

I leave you (for now) with my offical beacon of light in this cruel, uncaring world: Mr. Jim Carrey, and his peerless dance fighting skills. You’re welcome, friends. :) xoxo

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  • Jason Ramboz

    Saying yes to everything, huh? I think that means it’s finally time to ask you out on that date. ;)

    Good for you for staying so positive on everything! I hope you have a much better year this year. I can’t wait to hear about all your fun and success!

  • Jose

    That is a FUCKING FANTASTIC why to start the year and seriously that’s kinda what I’m thinking of doing this year not the Yes Man but something like it. My version is kinda of an angry version of it (I’m Fed Up Man) With the Bullshit in my life and the feeling of being stuck in the same place >:( I really need to get out of my comfort zone because I feel like if I don’t I’m gonna die figuratively speaking of course but I do need to make real changes in my life and I’m going to.

    This seemed more like a Steve Harvey that Jim Carrey which I would prefer anyways I have my issues with Carrey which I will not talk about but Yes Man was good and Love a lot of his movies. Well the obvious choice for pictures would be a NFL theme since it’s playoff time and then we have the Olympics so maybe a little patriotic team USA theme I don’t know ;)

    I will leave you with this I wonder how many will be like “so you are saying Yes” and proceed to ask well you whatever, well I won’t do that because it it unbecoming to do so. With that I bid you adieu Madam :p

    P.S. As if unbecoming has ever stopped me so here it goes, Kasey Poteet will you…And Scene.

  • http://www.flushgorden.co.uk/ Flush Gorden

    I decided not to make any new year resolutions. I’m pretty sure I’ve peaked. I mean you don’t get hotter than this. Chicks see this and die. I don’t really say yes either. I mostly make non-committal grunting noises to give me a wee bit of wiggle room. I am on a fence in Switzerland, completely neutral.

    Of course you’re far more perky and positive than I am so I say you can do it.

    Oooh another blog. I think if this one needs photos your first is going to have to be Lois Lane inspired. 50’s or 60’s pin up Lois with the nerd specs and pencil skirt. Alluring, sexy, comic book inspired and tame enough that no one could complain about them.