Egon. :(

Trying to look at the happy side of things and be grateful for all the awesomeness Mr. Ramis brought to so many people… So, thank you, Egon. You are awesome (even though I am totally heartbroken right now… :() xoxoxo

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Fast and Sloppy…

Just the way I likes it… I only have a few minutes of down time right now, but I wanted to say howdy and throw a few Random Tidbits of Awesome at ya right fast. First up, a¬†Bunnyman¬†3 quickie for your viewing “pleasure”. This is a silly lil vid they put together after our first […]

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I Choo-Choo-Choose You All (and Invite You to SVCC :)

Hiya, homies!! First things first: I just ran across this box of old Justice League valentines I’ve never opened, and instead of adding them to my forever-growing Collection of Comic-Related Awesomeness, I figured I’d kick it old school style (can I get a “what what”??) and send them out to the whole “class”. It’s kinda […]

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