Gratitude: Part Deux. :)

I’ve written and deleted four versions of this post already, so I’m really hoping this one takes. I just can’t seem to find the right words for how I’ve been feeling since I went home to visit my family for my lil’ sister’s wedding last week. A lot of amazing things happened during that time […]

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Excuse My Fangirl Giddiness, Please. (Now Updated with Less Gid. :)

Living here in LA, it really is commonplace to see “celebs” out and about doing their regular, normal-type-person business. I’m not usually one to get starstruck (I’m  honestly saddened by the way our culture is so obsessed with entertainers, instead of the folks out doing real things that actually matter in the world, but I […]

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Death to The Walking Dead. *Spoilers*

It sincerely pains me to say this, but after that craptastic season finale, I am officially done with The Walking  Boring Dead. R.I.P., my formerly favorite show. There was so much intolerable awfulness in the finale this past weekend, I don’t even know where my griping should begin!!! I mean, did they really have to devote all that […]

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