Comic Con-fession.
Comic Con-fession.

It breaks my heart to say this, but I was honestly a bit disappointed by SDCC this year. :(


I’ve been going for 8 years now, and up until now it’s always been an absolutely awesome experience. This year, though, something was super off about it, and I know I’m not the only one who felt that way. I’ve talked to a lot of con-going buds about this, and the consensus seems to be that SDCC has just kind of  outgrown the area at this point.
I know there are a lot of kind, hard-working folks  involved BTS at the con, so I don’t want to bitch too much about it out of respect for them. Thus the reason it’s taken me so long to post about this year’s con: I was trying to stick to the “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” rule. The further away from the event I get, the more I can see the good in it. While I was in the thick of it all, though, there was an awfully lot of not-so-greatness happening. Here’s a super quick, “trying to look at the bright side of things” breakdown of my SDCC adventures this year.
Starting with the “KHAAAAAAAAAAAANS!!!!”: 
-The “policing” at this event has gotten absurd. I understand that it’s a fire marshal/safety thing, but the way they choose to handle things now takes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun away from the con experience. I was literally yelled at to “keep moving” every time I stopped to take a pic with anyone. Every. Single. Time. And not in a kind, “Would you mind moving along, please?” sort of way. It was always, “Keep it moving!” “Pose and go!” “No standing still!” etc etc. I couldn’t even find ONE pic from there where I was smiling because I was always hurrying/trying to “sneak” pics before I inevitably got ushered away. Also, the Nip Slip Patrol seemed to be following me around pretty consistently, telling me to “pull my top up” every five mins or so, despite the fact that I intentionally played it very conservative this year. (I even wore a bra…Extra Good Girl Points to me!! Or so I thought… :()
- They seemed to be a little more lenient in the outside areas, which is usually a complete blast!! This year, though, it was so insanely hot that I wanted to stay inside as much as possible. Obviously the weather is nobody’s fault, but when they make the inside stuff so un- fun that everyone wants to hang outside, it starts to play a pretty big factor.  I think the heat started making people kinda cranky, too, because I saw a lot more fighting and rudeness than I have any other year, which made me very sad. What I’ve always loved most about this con (and most cons) is the camaraderie you feel when you’re there, surrounded by folks who love all the same geekified things you do. Everyone just seems so happy to let their geek flags fly, without fear of being ridiculed or  judged for it. I experienced some of that feeling this trip, but I also got the impression that a fair amount of people were there just to be able to say they were there, and really couldn’t care less about anything the con is REALLY supposed to represent.
-Safety: As much policing as went on inside the convention center, outside was kinda chaotic. I was RIGHT THERE when the Zombie Walk took a really ugly turn, and I definitely experienced a good deal of the sexual harrassment stuff a lot of people have been complaining about. I’m sure that sounds funny coming from me, but I went to SDCC to be nerdy and silly, not porny. I even adjusted my costume last minute to be more conservative (my original top was basically a slingshot), just because I was trying to avoid that sort of attention. (The Nip Slip Squad apparently didn’t get that memo, however… ;)). I think no matter what, though, if you are a girl at Comic Con yo ass is gettin’ “harrassed” (aka “groped”…or worse, from what I’ve been hearing). There were also a lot of dudes trying to trade their passes for…ahem…”sexual favors”. I’m absolutely not judging ANYONE who feels comfy making that sort of “trade”, but some of these dudes were total assholes about it. It felt kinda like being at a very seedy strip club, which is to be expected when you ARE at a strip club, but since this was SDCC, I was kinda caught off guard at how rude/forceful some of these not-so-nice guys were being. I actually had to put several people in their place (mostly in defense of other female con-goers who had no clue how to act in a situation like that). Again…It took away a lot of the fun. I actually left the con early and intended to go back (after changing into more battle-ready gear ;)), but after talking with several other folks who had similar experiences to mine, I decided I was happier AWAY from the con. 
There were also problems with price gouging, transportation, etc., but I wasn’t taken aback by any of that. I just miss the positive, fun experience SDCC always used to be  to me, and hope that it finds a way to recapture that vibe somehow.
Enough with the bitchin’…Here’s the good stuff:
-The people that go because they love it. :) I always get to meet a lot of awesome folks when I’m there, many of whom have traveled from all over the world just to be there and get their geek on. These people are the heart, soul, and single saving grace of current SDCC in my book. It does seem like more and more of the folks who just love comics are having trouble getting tickets, though, which is a shame. That’s another unfortunate aspect of  this con I’d love to see corrected soon. (But that’s slippin’ into bitchin’ territory again, so I’ll make like Elsa and let it go…for now. :))
-Um…San Diego’s purdy? (That’s all I’ve really got right now in the way of positivity. ;))
As I said, I wasn’t able to get very many pics this year, but here are a few share worthy shots for ya. After this, though, I’m putting thoughts of my less-than-rad SDCC adventures this year out of my head for a while, and using that brain space to focus on stuff that really matters (such as how flawlessly amazing the new TMNT movie is going to be, for example ;)). xoxo








(Notice how not-so-thrilled most of the folks inside look? Just an observation… ;))




(Outside was a lil happier… ;))


(This dude at the train station had a perma-arrow over his head so his wife could find him in the crowds. I thought that was pretty adorable…and practical! :))

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  • Kev

    Sorry about the sexual harassment stuff. I don’t get people who do that. Actually, wait I do, they’re predators and socially awkward geeks must seem like easy prey. Ehh I dunno, if I was lucky enough to be at any gathering where guys/girls were super enthusiastic about the same stuff I am…I’d try to…I dunno….be super nice to them? Or just a normal person. At least I’d like to hope I would be……….ehhhhhh fuck it, people are awful.

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Aww. I’m sure you would be. :) Not all people are awful. The good ones just have to do something when they see the dickwads trying to fuck things up. ;) xoxo

  • DefconDan

    I got to NYCC most years but still havent gotten to SDCC but some friends of mine who are die hard con goers passed this year saying it was getting crowded and expensive looks like some of what they predicted was true. Sucks because as anything gets super popular you eventually get the purists vs the new folk vs the wanna be’s conflicts…. SUCKS but still loved the pics and one year I will go… for now its just NYCC for me. Sigh…

    Also sorry your experience got somewhat ruined by dooshebags… NYCC has the same crap too Im afraid.

  • Flush Gorden

    Oh no you shouldn’t be expected to put up with any kind of harassment just because of your day job. I hope you made those individuals feel so small that they completely vanished from this plane of existence.

    You should send this to the organisers so they can see what their obsession with trying to squeeze as many people into the venue while sucking out the fun with rude staff is doing to the con.

    Did Aquaman and He-man get the same treatment from the nip slip police? I know their subtly showing off their man flesh but it’s only fair that they’re held up to the same scrutiny as the ladies. And look at Godzilla, he’s completely naked.

  • Geektastic_tim

    Well if this is the trend that SDCC will be following in the coming years, it makes me question whether or not I want to try and make it next year. You do look fantastic in the few pics that you posted. Side note, how are you and when are you going to uphold your part to come down to my neck of the woods for another hang out session, it is far over due young lady =P ! Anyways, hope everything is awesome with you and talk with you eventually? *shrugs*

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Awww. Hiya, homie!!! Awesome to hear from you, and I’d sincerely love to hang sometime soon! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Meh…It’s to be expected, as you said. Perhaps they’ll find a way to get it sorted out properly, but if not there are TONS of other cons that are still super fun. :) I’ve actually never been to NYCC. It was on my list, but if it’s gotten as un-rad as SDCC, I might have to pass… :(

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    HAHA I KNOW!!!!!!! That sincerely bugged the CRAP outta me (especially Godzilla…he’s always such an exhibitionist!! ;)), but I figured I was complaining about enough without adding my #FTN rhetoric, too. But since you mentioned it…GRRRRRR!!! I was torn bc that is an AMAZING He-Man, and Aquaman has balls of steel (as you can see ;), but it also pissed me off that I had more clothes on then all 3 of them combined (hehe ;), yet I was the one gettin’ hassled by The Man!! Grrr. Grrr. And again I say…”Grrr”. #FreeTheDangNipplesWouldYaFolks! :)

  • TommyStevens

    I don’t think I’ll ever go to one of these conventions, since I’m not a rich man and I REALLY hate crowds-I’ll brave Times Square for my girlfriend, but she knows I’m not happy about it-but in the abstract, I’m really glad to see that Comic Con attracts so many people. It’s great to see so many people enjoying something I’ve always loved. The downside of that, I guess, is that you get people there who are just there because it’s the thing to do. I’d love to return to the comic book conventions of my youth; One room of dealers’ tables, the thrill of being in a room filled with people who shared the same enthusiasm that I did and Kurt Schaffenberger doing drawings of Superman for free. Plus, I’d love to go back and buy all of those silver-age comic books that were probably less than a decade old at the time. But until I come across a working TARDIS, I don’t see either happening.

    Anyway, bravo to you for sticking up for women who were being harassed. Why, if they’re going to spend all that time and money celebrating something they love, do some people go out of their way to ruin someone else’s experience when they’re trying to celebrate the same thing? Like you said, the camaraderie is the best thing about these conventions. Everyone should be able to feel like they’re all on the same team.

  • DefconDan

    No you should check out this year if you can! Its not SDCC but the fans are great!

  • habs_69

    Okay so it’s a done deal then… You’re coming to Supercon in Miami next year ;) and trust me no one will put their hands on you that you don’t want too ;p (I’d go Punisher on them in a heart beat)

    Okay serious now, I’m sorry you had such a crappy experience this year, I’ve read a lot about people complaining how small the venue is for the con years ago I can only imagine now. Your right about people going to the con just to say they were at the
    con… Ever since Hollywood started going to cons they haven’t been the
    same in my opinion.

    As for the policing apparently they need to do a better job on the sexual harassment front and not “the keep moving and stop posing” I mean you saw the SH first hand but the rest of us saw this… I know that douche bags come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s no surprise #SDCC would have it’s share of them. In all seriousness, I think I’d be arrest for beating the shit out of guys at the con. Nobody has the right to put hands on someone without that persons permission and if they did then they need to get the shit beat out of them. While I agree that if a person wants to trade sexual favors for something that’s your business, but it feels wrong to do that at a SDCC. It’s like the roadies at a concert telling a girl “if want to meet them band…” those guys make me sick and piss me off at my sex, but again that’s my opinion.

    I can see in the pictures that you weren’t your happy self, you looked serious in most of them except for the Godzilla and Aquaman ones… In those you have that smile that can light up any room you walk into.

    I’m glad that TMNT fill your brain space with so much awesomeness that I must now get as well!

    BTW your KH question… answer is, the same day as Doctor Who premier.

  • Brandon Wilson

    I’ve never been to SDCC. I so want to experience it once in my life. Being broke and unemployed sucks. One of the big reasons I want to go is to have the off chance to meet you Kasey. I would literally die if I met you. I miss talking with you.

  • Allan Valbuena

    hope you are doing great Kacey. take care always

  • anjum teela

    I love you Kasey! I wanted to see you as wonder woman in the upcoming flick…. What do I do?? You deserve the bestest….your self proclaimed guardian..Anjum :)

  • J Williams

    I feel kinda bad about that. I want to go to SDCC really badly. I live in NYC and (please don’t judge me too harshly) missed the boat for NYCC. But if the quality of the con is going down, maybe I should just quit while I’m ahead.

  • Kory D. Lee

    Sorry I missed this Con this year. I’ve been a little busy trying to get moved to LA from Sac. it looks like you had a great costume.