Consider Yourself Nominated!!! (Updated! :)
Consider Yourself Nominated!!! (Updated! :)

When this whole “Ice Bucket Challenge” thing started, I had no clue it was going to be so…EVERYWHERE. I initially understood it to mean you either donate OR do the icy torture thing, but apparently I was incorrect about that. (Or it’s evolved or something, because I can’t imagine all the folks posting these vids are just trying to get out of giving $$$…especially not our beloved Star-Lord :)).

Even though I thought my part was complete, I’ve been re-challenged several times, so I think I’m gonna have to give in and post an ice-tastic vid of my own (though I’m still planning to re-donate because underneath all this goofiness lies an actual, real cause that affects many people).

I also challenge EVERY SINGLE PERSON that reads this to participate (so, yes, that means YOU!!! ;)). If you wanna post your vid here or email it to me (, I would LOVE to see it! I’ll also be happy to send everyone who participates a thank you “fan sign” (via email), if you’d like. (No worries, btw…I’ve got my system down now so this shouldn’t turn into the fucked up fiasco that my Tits for Tots thing did last year. ;))

Here’s a lil more inspiration for your vid…Now get on it already!!! ;) xoxoxo


OK…Here’s my not so awesome attempt, but remember that it’s the thought that counts!! ;) xoxo

My Utterly Imperfect Attempt at Completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from DianaPrinceXO on Vimeo.

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  • Flush Gorden

    I just did mine this morning after being nominated by a friend to do it. Luckily I’m feeling quite toasty with a fever so barely felt a thing. It’s quite amazing how these buckets of water seem to pour out quite speedily with other people but when you do it yourself it’s like you’ve found that never ending bucket.

  • TommyStevens

    Just a couple of thoughts now that this is so wide-spread. It’s using up a lot of water. Maybe the challenge should become less specific, just make yourself look silly on the video. (If you haven’t looked at your email, I sent you a note on what I did. ) Also, I was just reading an article about how the donations for ALS might have hit a point of diminishing returns. Perhaps the challenge should come with a list of charities that haven’t just gotten a huge windfall, though I’m sure the money will get used eventually. If nothing else, they won’t have to worry about funding for a long time.

    I hope that didn’t sound like I’m criticizing you or anyone who donated. That’s the last thing on my mind here. I’m just offering this up for people to consider.

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Aww. Sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well. Hope you’re doing a lil better now…That said, though, I think that might be cheating. ;)

    Awesome vid!!! :) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    I agree with you, actually. I’m very happy that it’s helped them (it’s a cause that is near and dear to some folks very close to me), but I know there are endless other charities that need help, too. Maybe we can work together to find a non-water based challenge for some other ones that could use the boost. ;) xo

    PS- Thanks for lmk to look for your email. Will search/reply ASAP. :)

  • TommyStevens

    I was actually looking into some charities that are trying to improve access to water in places where there isn’t clean water available. There are several charities I care about and there are a lot of right answers to “what should I give money to,” but access to water is so basic. Still not sure which one I like, since there are so many different approaches to the problem, but I’ll figure it out eventually.