Death to The Walking Dead. *Spoilers*
Death to The Walking Dead. *Spoilers*

It sincerely pains me to say this, but after that craptastic season finale, I am officially done with The Walking  Boring Dead. R.I.P., my formerly favorite show. :(

There was so much intolerable awfulness in the finale this past weekend, I don’t even know where my griping should begin!!! I mean, did they really have to devote all that time to Oldie McOldenstein (aka Hershel) and his stupid “friendly farmer” flashbacks?  It left almost no time at all to really get into the actual, current story line, which is all that really matters to any true fan of the show. Who cares about the lame advice some old dead dude forced upon people in the past? Clearly it was all stupid, or he’d still be there with them, right?!! Good riddance to that brainless, Santa Claus-lookin’ loser!! I’m making this pic my new permanent wallpaper because it fills me with joy and happiness every time I see it!! Sorry, but #TeamHershelSucksDonkeyBalls.


Even if I were able to overlook that huge flaw in the episode, all the present day stuff turned out to be equally as boring!! (And it’s hard to be as boring as Herschel is, lemme tell ya!!) Like everyone else, all I really watch TWD for is to see some quality zombie gore. I was convinced the writers were going to try to make up for how unbearably slow this season’s been by throwing in some kickass carnage before the hiatus. Alas, the best they could do, apparently, was having Rick go all “Walker” on that super cool gangsta dude Daryl was hanging out with…WHAT A LETDOWN!!! First off, I’m NEVER going to buy Rick as a badass, and secondly, Joe (the guy he chowed down on), was just starting to become one of my favorite characters. I was looking forward to learning more about what made that perfect example of post-apocalyptic leadership tick, and then…BAM!!! Just like that, he’s gone. Thanks for nothing, Rick, you big dumb, worthless dummy!!!  :(

And speaking of worthless dummies…WTF is up with Mrs. Dixon’s sudden wussification? Daryl used to be a total hardcore asskicker, but he somehow let Beth turn him into a crybaby sissy boy after, what, two episodes? Dude, I thought you were swinging a big ol’ pair o’Redneck Nards over there, but clearly I, like all the other (former) members of your fanbase, was mistaken. I was hoping against hope that you were going to realize you were headed down the wrong Grime-y path, and let Joe strengthen and guide you with his judicious ways. Alas, you deeply disappointed us, Daryl Dixon, and I know I speak on behalf of all your ex-fans when I say we will now be ECSTATIC if the rumors that you get killed off next season turn out to be true. Our mantra is no longer, “If Daryl Dies, We Riot”, but rather, “If Daryl Dies, We Party Like it’s the End of the World Up in this Bitch!!”


Whatever, you bellyachin’ namby-pamby. I “pfffffffffffft” heartily in your general direction!!! #GrowAPair

I don’t want to be overly critical here, so I will mention that there was one bright spot to the otherwise tedious finale, and that was Carl. I know I’ve been a little harsh on him in the past, but when he made his heartbreaking admission to Michonne that he felt he was a “monster” (after condemning Rick’s actions once again, but who can blame him?), you’d have to be an actual Walker (or possibly The Governor) not to be crying  right along with him. You touched all of our hearts last night, Lil’ Sheriff, and I feel like I finally understand you now. You’re so young, yet so strong…I sincerely hope you are the last man standing once all the zombie dust clears, because the new world is going to need a brave, level-headed hero like you if there’s any chance humanity’s going to get past these dark times.


The other folks didn’t even do anything worth mentioning (aside from turning their noses up at the delicious BBQ they were so kindly offered….WHEN THEY WERE SUPPOSEDLY STARVING!!! ), so I’m just going to make it official and announce here and now that I am never wasting another moment of precious TV time on this gawdawful non-show. Good riddance, The Whining Dead. If there’s any justice in the world you’ll be cancelled before next season so no one has to be exposed to your toxic mediocrity any further.


Good. Riddance. 



















APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) I love, love, love TWD and I CANNOT wait for next season!!! #Gotcha? #BestJokeEver!! #CarlStillSucks ;)

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  • habs_69

    That’s cute but I have something to tell you, I don’t know if you’ve notice I’ve been M.I.A on IG well there’s a good reason. I’ve decided I can’t follow you anymore and the reason why is because last Thursday when you did your #TBT I decided to go back and watch as much of your reality stuff that I could find and the stuff that I found just showed me that we that I really didn’t like what I saw, for some reason I though you were different. I don’t know who I had in my head but that was not the person I saw, I know you were being yourself and that’s all good I always want people to themselves but I just didn’t… I can’t do this, I thought I could but as I’m writing this I feel like such a piece of shit!! I had this elaborate (okay not elaborate… I suck at this stuff) plan that I would go quiet and not comment on any of your IG pictures even if it was killing me to stay quiet… With the ZT pic, the Troma Marathon and especially those weekend pics with you and the Troma Crew and Bishop (Lance Henriksen). I was going crazy wanting to say something and now it was all for not because I couldn’t even go through with it. And I didn’t even wish you a happy TWD day on the season finale >:( … I should have just gone with I met Tom Brady and I’m a huge fan now and showed you the a real picture I have with him and my brother that we got a couple of weeks ago when he was here for the Doral Golf tournament.

    Anyways your post was pretty convincing until you got to Carl… Did you honestly think I’d fall for that crap!! And one last thing I did read what you wrote on IG and I agree with you, I would have liked a longer episode with more of development… I’m starting to think the mid-season finales are better than the finales.

    Zombie bites and hugs my zombie ass kicking friend!!

  • Flush Gorden

    Aha! It appears a Bizzaro Kasey has taken over this post and filled it with all kinds of April Foolery. I don’t know who this April Fool lady is but she was fairly spreading the rumours and lies about yesterday. I’m almost certain someone has managed to get her back into her box as things have settled down to a sensible level of foolishness.

    Carl does have his uses. If it wasn’t for Carl so many many people wouldn’t have been munched by zombies. He’s like the magnet for all that is bad and terrible that happens to them all. And if none of that nastiness took place it would have turned into a show about Farmer Santa and his giant elves :oP

  • Scott T

    Numerous showrunners and a mixed bag of writers & directors on the show doesn’t do it any good. There’s definitely been some ups & downs, as far as quality. I could see the difference once Darabont was gone. Compare it to something like Breaking Bad; which maintained the same showrunner, same core group of writers, same Director of Photography involved throughout most of the show and you can see the difference. Tonally the later maintains consistency, while TWD has been all over the place the passed few seasons.

    I will say: The FX have always been topnotch. K&B kills it in that department.

  • Allan Valbuena

    hope you are doing great Kasey. take care always

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Holy crap!! You are a terrible person!! It took me, like, 4 x’s reading that to realize it was an April Fool’s thing!! I was super confused as to what I could’ve done so differently back in my reality show days to piss you off so much…Now I see you’re just horrible, though, so all is well. ;P

    LOL It was SUPER hard to come up with anything nice to say about Carl…Though, I’m surprised you believed any of the DD stuff!! I thought you knew me better than that, mister!!! ;)

    Happy April Fool’s…Let us never speak of any of this again now. ;) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL Is it wrong that I’d be ok with a show about Farmer Santa and his elves? As long as shirtless Daryl’s still included in there… ;) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Same to you, friend…Your lil avie pic is super cute, btw! )

  • Flush Gorden

    I think we’ve found the spin off and at the end of seven series of shirtless Daryl there’ll be a twist ending where it was all in Rick’s head as he sat there by the car trying to forget he went all walker on Joe hehe.

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm…Am I missing the April Fool’s part, here? TWD is perfect in every way, sir!! ;)

    I gotta say, though, I feel like the only person that didn’t really enjoy the last season of BB. There were definitely a couple of extremely awesome eps., but overall it was kind of a letdown, esp. the finale. I gotta say right now I’d place TWD a notch above BB on the badassery scale. (But, like said, I get the impression I’m in the minority there… :)

  • habs_69

    I am defiantly that, I almost let my inner Joffrey out!!

  • Adam_LeafFan

    Hey! It’s been so long since I’ve been able to sign in here! Hope all is well! So much geek and superhero stuff I want to discuss with you! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Hi, homie!!! Welcome back!!! And get with the discussin’ already!! ;) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    I know…You have awesome taste!!! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Greenlight this!!! Now!!!!!!!!! :P

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    No one’s THAT evil!!! Oh man…You just gave me an awesome idea…A Carl/Joffrey Death Duel!!! I’ve so gotta find a way to make this happen!! (And make sure they both lose somehow… ;)

  • habs_69

    Believe me when I tell you that what I have thought of doing to Joffrey would get me the death penalty just for thinking it, even in the states and countries without it. It’s always the quiet ones you should worry about.