Doctor…Who? (Update: The Doctor is in! )
Doctor…Who? (Update: The Doctor is in! )

It’s almost time, friends!! In just a few hours our next Doctor will be revealed!! :)

I have been trying to trick myself into thinking Matt Smith wasn’t actually leaving and that all of this has just been a cruel hoax but, alas, it is time for me to accept the truth. I’m nervous/scared/excited all rolled into one…It feels like Whovian Christmas Eve!! :)



I’ll update this post after the announcement has been made. In the meantime, let’s revel in anticipation a bit, shall we?



Chills…I cannot wait til tomorrow!! (Then we can all bitch and moan about it together… ;)) xoxo


Your new Doctor, ladies and gentlemen:



It wasn’t a huge surprise, but I think it’s a good choice. :)

I’ve already heard grumblings about him being too old/ not sexy enough (pffft!!!) and that his previous Doctor Who experience should render him ineligible, but I think that once he actually gets going people will overlook all that and grow to love him. It is all part of the Regeneration Cycle, after all. ;)



Plus, I give him mega extra cool points for being a Whovian from way back when…before the times of the DWAS , even!! (

Here’s a copy of a  letter published in Radio Times in February 1974, just in case you haven’t seen it yet. (See the entire thing at


I think it’s adorable that he’s loved Doctor Who for so long, and I have every confidence that he’s going to be a brilliant successor to Matt Smith. (Though I’m still distraught he’s leaving… :((



Now that the mystery has been solved, what say you, fellow Whovians? Are you happy, disappointed, hating Moffat, etc.? I wanna hear all your thoughts!! :)

For now, I leave you with this as a reminder of the inevitable truth, no matter how much we grow to love the Doctor…



Peace, love, and Whovian hugs to all,

The 13th Doctor ;)

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  • Jason X

    Still not a ginger. :(

  • Flush Gorden

    I like this I think it’s going to be great stuff. Instead of it being a young energetic man on the outside and and old grandfather on the inside it’s going to be the other way around. By the time we get to seeing a full Peter Capaldi episode, probably next April, he’ll be the same age as William Hartnell was when he became the Doctor. It was quite a pleasant change going by the BBC’s usual obsession with youth.

    I want him to keep his accent for the role. Sylvester McCoy did it with his Scottish accent so I think Peter Capaldi should with his. It wouldn’t be hard to explain it after all that time running around with Pond.

    Oooh and this means there’ll be a new Sonic Screwdriver and a new outfit. That’ll be interesting. Since they’re going older perhaps they’ll have him dressing more like the first Doctor. Perhaps they’ll change the interior of the tardis again too. Ah so many many exciting changes.

    It’s got me looking forward to the regeneration scene at the end of the Christmas episode.

    This all does make up for him not being ginger.

  • kurt

    tbh i never even heard of doctor who until a few weeks ago but now im interested. i like tht its a new doctor bc now i can start watching a new story instead of trying to catch up with the old ones. i dont think it matters if hes old or not. seems like the other doctors before the last ones were pretty old too.

  • SuperKasey Fan

    Hello, not yet a fan of the show since I find it hard to commit to a new (to me) series. Just wanted to drop in and say hello to you Kasey, and that you’re beautiful!!

  • Jose

    I love the choice!! Can’t wait to see his take on the Doctor and the fact that he’s a big fan make it even better, that mean that he will put a lot of love into he’s Doctor. I also loved him on the Hour with another guy I like the new Q Ben Whishaw.

    Those people complaining about age and previous Dr who experience need to calm down, it’s not the first time a show recycled actors happens all the time Star Trek is a perfect example. On the too old again I go back to Star Trek Jean-Luc (Motherfunking) Picard and watching David Tennant’s last Dr. Who episode on Sunday reminded me not to get too attached to the doctor.

    Good vibes, Love and I’d love some Whovian Hugs

    P.S. I think you may not want to give me any Whovian hugs after this but just remember we can’t agree on everything, here goes I saw your Tom Brady post on his birthday being a Dolphins fan I have to say Brady sucks.

  • DianaPrinceXXX


    I was all prepared to send you big ol’ Whovian hugs, but after that last sentence all I have to say to you is, “PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!!!”

    Good day, sir!!

    PS- Enjoy the pics!! ;P

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Awww…That’s so sweet! Thank you…and hello back to you!! :) xoxo

    PS- I’m the same way with a new (to me) series, but I highly recommend giving DW a shot sometime. If you do, lmk what you think. :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    True dat. I think returning to an older Doctor was the way to go. Before the new versions, I always thought of him as this strange old hermit. Not understanding why so many people think he has to be “hot”. (Though that’s in the eye of the beholder, obviously. I think he’s plenty hot, age be damned! :))

    And I’m glad you’re interested in the Whoniverse now! It’s gonna be a while before the new Doc eps start airing, though, so you might wanna dive in and start watching some of the classic eps in the meantime. I can always help you out if you get lost… ;)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Answering your paragraphs in order:

    Word!! Here’s to anti- age discrimination!! :)

    Agreed. :)

    I know!!!! I can’t wait to see what they’re going to come up with!!! :)

    Not me…I cry every time I see Ten’s regeneration scene…Not looking fwd to 11’s at all. :( :( :(

    LOL It will still happen one of these days!! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL Since I left FG one, you get this one…Gingers for all!! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX


    I was all prepared to send you big ol’ Whovian hugs, but after that last sentence all I have to say to you is, “PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!!!”

    Good day, sir!!

    PS- Enjoy the pics!! ;P

  • COKE08

    I have no idea what the buzz with this show that correct me if wrong is form the 60’s or 70’s? Someone told me this Doc cat is like Green Lantern that part some bigger group n there so many diff persons playing him.

    So dunno don’t get thought this was just liked in Europe but apparenty not.

    I will say this though not related that the New Thor (dark world?) trailer looks kick ass.

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Haha Yeah it’s been on for a while. I’m not sure why it’s gotten so popular in the states recently, but it does seem to be at the height of its popularity here right now. (I suspect the hotness of the recent Doctors may have a lil something to do with it… ;)

    And hell yeah it does!!! Can’t wait ’til November!!

    For those who haven’t seen it: