Elvira’s Birthday and my GTA Guilt.
Elvira’s Birthday and my GTA Guilt.

I couldn’t let the day go by (on West Coast time, at least :)) without posting a tribute to the forever gore-geous Ms. Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.




I have loved her for as long as I can remember, and am in awe that she turned sixty-freakin’-two this year, and is still rockin’ the shizzle outta that low cut gown…She’s an inspiration in more ways than one (if you know what I mean… ;)).

Here are but a measly few of my favorite Elvira moments over the years:





Happy Birthday, Elvira…Thanks for the mammaries! (I think she’d be proud of me for that one. ;))

In less awesome news, Grand Theft Auto V came out today, and I am completely torn about it. :(

I pre-ordered it a while ago, and had been counting down the days ’til it finally arrived. Unfortunately (for many, many reasons), we had yet another mass shooting happen yesterday, which (weirdly enough) kinda takes the fun out of pretending to shoot a bunch of random people. :(

I hate guns with a serious passion, and wish I could destroy all of them, Superman-style.


(I know I’ve posted that before, but it ALWAYS seems appropriate to me.)

I have also learned, though, that you can’t let the problems of the world rob you of all your personal happiness. Just because some people are evil assholes doesn’t mean no one should enjoy a game that is meant to be just fantasy fun. That’s something which the vast majority of people are able to comprehend, and those who don’t are very, very troubled, regardless. I came to this conclusion when I gave away all my horror movie memorabilia and stopped watching horror films for a while because I thought scary movies just glorified the horrible things that happen if the world, and I didn’t want to be part of that. Then the brilliant Mr. Kevin Williamson helped me realize that “movies don’t create psychos, movies make psychos more creative”, and I was able to let go of the guilt I felt watching them. I can’t help loving the crap out of horror movies, just like I can’t help that I love to play GTA. I feel so much guilt about that right now,  but I think ultimately I’m going to have to just say, “Fuck It” and realize that it’s ok to separate fantasy violence from real-world sadness.

At least I hope it is. I don’t want to think I’m doing anything to contribute to this problem…You CAN be a gun control activist and still love GTA, right? Grrr…So. Torn. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, my long-awaited game remains unopened on the counter. I just can’t feel good about being excited about it right now. :(

And here is an adorable hoppy bunny for your viewing enjoyment, just so I don’t have to end this post on a bummer note. :)

Big, anti-gun, pro-game hugs,

Supa-Hard Gat Slinga

(It’s my Gangsta/GTA name…What can I do?? :) http://gangstaname.com/)




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  • http://www.flushgorden.co.uk/ Flush Gorden

    While I do agree with you on guns in the real world I would still recommend buying it as it was developed in Scotland so it’ll probably do wonders for the economy. In fact that’s the way to look at it. You’re taking part in securing the economic future of Scotland to make this a more prosperous future should people vote Yes during the Independence Referendum in a years time. Oooh that’s far too political. Um…yeah I just read that the Stock Exchange in the game is call Bawsaq which made me giggle. Bawsaq….Baw Sack….Ball Sack…yes I think you know where this one is going.

    I must get my hands on a copy to see what other little in jokes they’ve hidden. And I think the only way GTAV could make me violent is if I was driving around the city, turned on the radio and there wasn’t an 80s radio station.

    I think this is one of my favourite Elvira moments.


  • Wexell Poindexter

    There is more good in this world than evil. The media is an ice cold drama queen bitch that glorifies death, mayhem and dysfunction, breeding only the negative for those who feel compelled to add to it.

    Of course there are those who cannot distinguish reality from fantasy and those who can’t need serious help. It is unfortunate that recent events and gun related events in the past can make someone feel guilty or reserved to take part in something 99% of us see otherwise.

    Buy that damn game, stop worrying about “contributing” to the mayhem as you make it what it is. Now back to having a real conversation… I really like your boobies and you make me fizzy bubbly!

  • Ryan MM

    There have been 2 more mass shootings ive heard about since you posted this. It really does make me sad and scared for the future of the world but you are right that you can’t let some crazy people take away your happiness. I hope you start plating GTA% soon.
    How was HHN btw?

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Aw. Thanks! I think adult actors are just like any other group of people…Some good, some…not so much. We just have a more liberal view of sex than some people, which I don’t think is necessarily a “bad” thing (though I know there are many who disagree).

    Yay to you for being another pro-GTA, anti-gun person. It’s good to not feel like the only one (which I definitely do sometimes)…Big hugs to you, sir. :) xo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    What. The. Heck. How could I have possibly left this one out?? Thank you so much for correcting my grievous mistake!! I can always count on you to send Boob Backup. ;)

    LOL at Bawsaq. They do so many cute things like that in these games…It’s one of the many reasons I am able to forget about real world violence while I’m playing and just have fun with it…It’s only when I’m watching the sensationalistic news that my guilt kicks in.

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL Every bit of that was just brilliant!! I’d give you 1,000 up votes if I could!! :)

    You get the “Super Stamp” of approval. ;) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    I heard. And it sucks. I hate that this happens so frequently, and that it’s so glorified (then almost immediately forgotten :( when it does. I’m really, really sick of it.

    That said, I did start playing it, and it kicks ass, of course. I just apologize to everyone I have to shoot so they know I don’t mean it…Helps at least a little bit. ;)

    And on a happier note, HHN was AWESOME!!! I want to go 10 more x’s this year, at least. ;) If I was able to get enough usable pics I’ll do a separate post about it a lil later. :)

  • Wexell Poindexter

    I really do appreciate the transfer of blood, but you gotta warn me as having a boner in public is not OK! LOL

    You have made my week and as I released a thousand super human babies in the parking lot of a Piggly Wiggly in New Orleans after your post, realized that you are extremely special. Thank you for being yourself and entertaining the masses as you are the most interesting, beautiful, classy and geekiest woman I have ever had the pleasure to converse with! You are PERFECT!

  • http://www.flushgorden.co.uk/ Flush Gorden

    Ah but that’s the problem with sensationalistic news, they like to influence the masses and push them towards their agenda and then stand there all smug and say “we did that”. They wont do that to me, my tinfoil hat protects me from such things.

    Haha I can just picture you doing something boobtacular like that yourself.

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL I don’t know about that, but I’m honored to have inspired the launching of your Super Babies, at least. ;) xoxo

    PS- Piggly Wiggly??? Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! No one here even knows what that is. I get laughed at every time I mention it! Here’s another pic guaranteed to move some blood around fer ya… ;)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    And I shall do so with a tinfoil hat on, just to be on the safe side… ;)

  • When’s Marvel?

    I never new her name or the title of the movie until now. Those nipple tassels gave me my first boner. haha.

    p.s. you’re awesome