Football, Belize, and Germs. Stupid, stupid germs.
Football, Belize, and Germs. Stupid, stupid germs.



I’m sick. :(

I started writing this a couple days ago, but I’ve been dealing with the “stomach flu” all week and never got around to finishing/posting it. If I felt better I’d probably write a whole new one now that the REAL football season has begun, but since I’m still feelin’ poopy as heck, let’s continue on as if the Broncos game was still the most important thing happenin’, k? I’ll have to postpone my normal Panthers/Pats cheering and Cowboys/Giants bashing ’til next week, as it just doesn’t feel right to do a half-assed job of such important matters.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogginess. :)


Oh how I love this time of year!! :) 

Labor Day, to me, signifies the simultaneous start of football and Halloween season. It may still be 100 degrees here in the Valley (hooray for Global Warming! ;)), but it still feels like we’re balls-deep in Autumn, and I’m super excited about that (and about most things that go “balls deep”, but I digress… ;)).
First order of business: Football!!!!! What an amazing start to the new season!!! I really wanted to hate the Broncos because of the Welker betrayal, but I cannot help loving Peyton Manning. It’s awesome that he’s back kicking major ass after so many naysayers counted him out for good. He’s sincerely humble and sweet about it, too, which adds heaps to his loveability factor…Damn you, Peyton!! How dare you make me care about any team Welker’s on post-Pats?!!! I’ll forgive you, though, as long as you keep making your adorable commercials. Let us watch and smile together, shall we? :)

Seriously, how can anyone not love the dude? :) My Panthers aren’t looking too shabby this year, either. I’m calling a Superbowl 38 rematch right now: It’s totally going to be a Panthers/Pats showdown again this year.

(A girl can dream, can’t she?? ;))

In other news, Belize was ah-maaaaaaaaaaaa-zing!!! I only went for 3 days because my goal was seriously just to shoot some Crofty pics, but I packed an awful lot of jungle adventures into that short bit o’time. I honestly fell in love with the place, and could totally see myself moving there at some point (maybe :)).
I stayed at a really small “jungle resort” with only about 8 people in the whole place. I was literally in the middle of the jungle in a tree hut, Swiss Family Robinson-style. 

The security guard there carried a huge rifle of some sort (I didn’t get a pic, unfortunately) that scared the crap outta me when I first saw it. Then he explained it was just for protection from giant poisonous snakes, crocodiles, and jaguars and such, rather than rapist/kidnapper type folks, which was obviously very reassuring. ;) It rained A LOT while I was there, so I only got one real day of shooting in, but I still think I got some decent Lara shots. I will post the full set on DPXXX within the next few days, but here are some preview shots in the meantime. (Apologies if I’ve Tumbld most of these already. It’s hard to keep track of what I’ve posted. :)) 

There was rain…Lots. Of. Rain. 

(Side note: I’ve never tried posting anything on Vimeo before. It looks pretty cool; I may have to start doing it more often. :))

Various adventure shots, taken between rainstorms. :)

After a hard day of adventuring, I got to try out a “tribal” mud massage.
It was really cold, but really fun. :)
In my civilian clothes, getting ready to go cave tubing. (I got stuck in the vines. Very Croft-y of me. ;))
It was really dark at night. Very few electric lights, which meant I could actually see stars for once. I had honestly never seen a shooting star in real life before, but I saw lots of them there. It was insanely beautiful, and reminded me of Jaws. :)lc3abel14
I earned valuable XP by eating Hibiscus flowers. LOTS of Hibiscus flowers. :)
No TV available, but they did have sweet bootleg movies available. Well, adequate bootleg movies, at least. ;)

I did a lot of tomb/ruins/cave (with bats!!) exploring that I didn’t get to film, unfortunately, because the rain would’ve hurt the camera equipment. But it’s my mission to go back there (or somewhere else Croft-esque) to do some additional shooting in another version of her costume. I can’t tell you how fun it was to shoot as Lara on location, especially when the locals had no idea what I was doing. The resort staff sincerely thought I’d been attacked by a jaguar and/or fallen off a cliff and was trying to get medical attention for me. I also found out later that my fake, orange-tipped “gun” had caused a lot of controversy because apparently they have VERY strict gun laws there (as I wish we did here, but I digress). The village people were apparently terrified of me and reported me to the authorities because they thought I was some sort of mercenary outlaw badass or something. It was really funny when I explained what was going on. One of the policemen said, “Oh yes! I love Tomb Raider!” and offered to send me with police guides to secluded areas most tourist types can’t get to very easily. I didn’t get to go because of all the flooding, but I definitely hope to take him up on that offer and take my exploration up a notch next time around! :)

And with that, I think I’ve depleted all my writing energy for the moment. Off to restore my health so I can get started on my next adventure ASAP…

Peace, love, and totally germ-free hugs,
 Me zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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  • Flush Gorden

    I don’t really have anything to add to the sporting section of this one as I really don’t know anything about sport to the point that my manliness could be called into question. I do however make up for any sporting shortfalls with a love of boobs, some may say I love them too much but pah that’s just crazy talk.

    It’s a pity about the rain. As fabtacular as wet t-shirts are I think a tropical downpour would have been a wee bit excessive. Your tree hut looks fantastic. I think you should build one in your back garden or if you don’t have a back garden then a bed fort made out of pillows and covers will do the job.

    You do look look very cute in your mud massage pack. Like an adorable jungle kitty though I’d have been tempted to draw a smiley face on your belly in the mud.

    I’m liking your vimeo videos I we’re going to need more..much more..many many more and then a couple more after that.

    And remember the best thing about this time of year, we can start using the word “Autumnal” it’s just fun to say but that just could be me and my peculiarity. After this I think Saskatchewan might be my next word of the day

  • illmatic704

    We will get it together drop some easy passes and that fumble cost us dearly. It’s just the first game. Those Lara Croft pictures are hawt

  • Wexell Poindexter

    What a fun trip! Your photos look great and I am amazed at your beauty. A little blood, some dirt/mud and props… VOILA! Instant fucking erection! Damn you Kasey!
    Go Buc’s!

    By the way, don’t know if you have ever watched Workaholics… I so wish they would put you in an episode as you completely would be AWESOME!

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Haha Thank you!! I’ll have to keep that in mind… ;) But Bucs? Really?? ;P

    I LOVE Workaholics…I am trying to do something on there for next season. Fingers crossed it works out!! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Thanks! And I’m not discouraged. It’s early yet. We still have much time to show how much ass we can kick!!! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Thank you! And MUCH better now. :) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Wise words…I’m actually wondering if that isn’t the case. :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Haha I think you’re plenty manly, sir…And there is no such thing as too much bewb luv! ;)

    I loved the hut, and I actually really loved the rain. It NEVER rains here, so it was awesome to get to run around and play in it again, finally. Definitely didn’t help my shooting cause, but it does provide me with the perfect excuse to go back soon! ;)

    Haha Thanks! That mud was so hard and stiff (ha! :) that you couldn’t draw anything, I’m afraid. I could barely walk! They forced me to waddle out in the rain to take that one standing (freezing!) shot before they washed me off, otherwise I would have happily remained an immobile lump the whole time. :)

    Beautiful vid! Thanks for sending the link…I shall now start using the word “Autumnal” with mad abandon in your honor. :) xo

  • Jack

    Welcome back….Alive! Good to see you had so much fun in Belize, it seems like you did so much in a short time. It’s a shame that the rain didn’t allow for much more activities, I haven’t seen that much rain since I was in Southeast Asia, it looks awesome!

    The pictures look fantastic, it really looks like you roughed it out in the jungle for awhile. Love the Lara Croft swimsuit pic! The pictures of you in the blue reminded me of the alien girl for Avatar for second lol

    Welcome back again and I hope you get plenty of rest and feel better for more adventures to come, flu season is coming so pack those purell and pocket tissues! Gotta be prepare, always.


    Ps: maybe next time you can bring a bow instead of gun so it won’t cause so much commotion lol and it will look much more badass!

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Oh my gosh, I forgot to mention all the weapon drama I had!! I tried to take my bow/arrow and my ice axe, but they wouldn’t let them on the plane! I probably could’ve taken the bow alone, but I didn’t want a repeat of my comic con non-action poses. So I just did what I could with the stupid boring gun. :( At least now I can stick to my guns (ha!) about not doing the arrow thing til I’ve honed my archery skills a bit.

    Glad you like the pics…I’ll definitely ge the full set up this week! :) xo