Fortified With Vitamin T
Fortified With Vitamin T

It’s Mr. T’s Birthday!!! Let us take a moment to rejoice and celebrate his eternal awesomeness, shall we? Also, why is this not considered a national holiday, and who do I need to have a “chat” with in order to get this travesty remedied? ;)

Posted by Kasey 6 Comments
  • thomas

    haha Happy bday, T!

  • thomas

    i’m not sure if my comments are working but thanks for posting this. you get more awesome every time i check back here. lol

  • JD

    I don’t know who would win in a fight Mr T or Superman. It would be the ultimate battle.

  • v

    If I had to pick who’d win between T and Supes… I’d say… Venom.

    Sorry, but that’s my default answer to every battle question, lol.

  • Mikey

    Superman > Everyone. Even Mr. T.

  • Yak

    My friends birthday was the 21st as well, I wonder if he knows about this, I feel that it’s vital information.