Geek Weekend!!!

Can you believe it’s Star Wars Day, Free Comic Book Day, AND the official release of the Avengers all at the same time?? Craziness! On top of that, there’s also a little “Makeshift Maid Cafe For Charity” thing and a mini-sci fi/comic con happening here in LA on Sunday (not to mention the ongoing Ren Faire)…So much geeky goodness, I’m practically creaming in my Wonder Woman Underoos!! It feels like the official start of Con season, and I love it! :)

I know I owe you guys a huge catch up post after being MIA for so long, but it’s getting to the point where I feel like I should just start anew and fill you in when some of the things I’ve been working on get released. I’m kind of a “what’s next?” kinda gal anyway, so all the stuff I’ve done over the past couple months almost feels like old news at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been having a LOT of fun, and I love that I’ve been working my big ol’ booty off. But I’d much rather focus on what’s upcoming, instead of what’s already been done (if that makes any sense :)). I’ll try to keep you guys better informed from now on, though. Pinky promise! :)

In the meantime, let’s stick to our time honored tradition of celebrating every holiday ever, shall we?

Starting with…

HAPPY (belated) STAR WARS DAY!!!!! (I own the entirety of this series, btw…and it’s awesome. Well, aside from the theme song, which always used to scare the bejeezus outta me. But I’m big and brave now, so I can listen to it freely and without fear…Most of the time, anyway. :))

And…HAPPY FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, aka “Nerd Christmas”. ;) Here’s a video showing some of the wonderful treats the Comic Gods have chosen to bestow upon us this year. (I plan to head out to begin the festivities the very second I’m done with this post :))

Also, HAPPY CINCO de MAYO!!! Today, we are all Frito Bandito. ;)

(SIDE NOTE: I take this as classic silliness, not racism. Hope I don’t offend anyone, but I often like to sing it when I’m drunk on margaritas, so it’d seem a shame not to post it today…In the immortal words of The Bandito himself, “That’s niiiiiice”!! :))

On a personal holiday-ish note, my baby sis is getting married today in the Dominican Republic, and I’m really bummed I can’t be there now. :( But I will definitely be thinking of her as she’s walking down the aisle, and I wish her and her fiance the absolute best. (Hope to see both of you back home very soon, and I dedicate this super appropriate vid to the both of you…Today I bust out the Cool Rider Dance in your honor! :) xoxoxo)

And, last but not least, HAPPY AVENGERS WEEKEND!!!! I’m way more excited about Dark Knight after that badass new trailer, but I’m still looking forward to finally seeing this, too. So far nearly every single person I’ve talked to has literally jizzed their pants over it, so I’m anxious to see if it lives up to the hype. I fully believe in Joss Whedon, so I will be shocked if I find it anything other than absolutely awesome. (I do wish he was doing a DC vehicle instead, but for now I takes what I can gets. :))

Here’s one of my favorite Avenger’s personal theme song to help set the movie mood for ya. (What can I say? I like the goody-goody Boy Scout type! :))

And with that, my friends, I leave you to begin my Free Comic Book Day adventures. Hope everyone has a great Geek Weekend, and I definitely plan to start back with my more personal/pornified posts from here on out. Thanks so much for your patience during this crazy busy time, and for all the sweet emails I’ve been receiving. They definitely help keep me motivated to do my best in every scene, even on days when I’m dead-ass tired (and/or bruised, sore, and swollen ;)) from having worked back to back to back (or ass to mouth, as the case may be ;)).

Avengers assemble (at least til July 18th when we move on to better things :P ),
Kasey Romanova

PS- Thanks to everyone who contributed their opinions during my Great Clit Piercing Debate. I have decided to stay classic (i.e. “boring” ;)), at least for the time being. But it was really fun getting everyone’s opinions, and seeing how strongly some of you felt
about it, either way. :)

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