Happy 4th!!!!
Happy 4th!!!!

My poor lil’ blog must feel abandoned recently…Ever since my birthday last month, things have been non-stop gogogo for me. I’ve done a lot of (unplanned/unexpected…but fun!!) traveling. I went to Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Florida…and the usual New York/Vegas work-type stuff. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to maintain my online responsibilities, and for that I apologize. I never even got to post an official Thank You message here for all the sweet birthday wishes I received. (I really did appreciate all the kind sentiments, though. You guys are great, and my birthday was amazing!! xoxoxo :))

Alas, given that’s it’s a holiday, I don’t have too much time to play catch up right now. But I did want to wish you all a very Happy July 4th (whether you celebrate it or not). I will be back on here later this week with some more in-depth updating (inc. pictures and whatnot), but, for now…HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE!!!!!! Enjoy it Data-style!! ;)

Patriotic hugs,
Mrs. Thomas Jefferson (I always had a crush on him for some odd reason… ;))

Ps- Cheers!!

(It’s from a softcore film shoot I did a couple weeks ago…Not exactly patriotic, I guess, but the colors are right, and I figured most folks are getting their drink on this weekend, so what the heck? ;))

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