Happy Bill Murray Day to One and All!! :)
Happy Bill Murray Day to One and All!! :)

So…I’m a tad late fulfilling my newly implemented weekly posting pledge, but you gotta give me a chance to get used to this whole “properly maintaining a blog” thing. Besides, what I really meant was “new updates once a week starting on Bill Murray Day”. (I would’ve been more clear about that, but I just assumed it went without saying… ;))

As usual, I’s a busy lil beaver, so this is just gonna be one of my quick “What’s Up, Homies” kinda posts, but I figured I should at least start checking in regularly, as promised. And what better way to bring happiness and cheer to my tiny corner of teh interwebz then to post this loving tribute to Bill Murray on his special day. (Regular folks may refer to it as Groundhog’s Day, but us cool folks know what’s really up. ;) Also, Groundhog’s Day the movie kinda sucks, so I decided to post this vastly more awesome clip instead…Enjoy!! )

Happy Groundhog’s Bill Murray Day, everyone…Go forth and celebrate by showing everyone the Venkman within!! ;)

I came, I saw, I kicked (Winter’s) ass,
Punxutawney Kasey

PS- Something called Celebrity School Pics posted this photo of my sis and me.

I know I’ve posted this shot here before, but it’s just so cute to have it (sort of) immortalized. Here’s the link if you’re feelin’ the urge to click something. :) http://www.celebrityschoolpics.com/celebrity/002614/diana-prince/

PPS- PATS IN THE SUPERBOWL…OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More on that next time, but til then, let’s party old old school style, shall we? :)

(I have full confidence things’ll work out a lil better for my beloved Pats this go-round, though. ;))

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