Happy “Chocolate Hearts are Now on Sale” Day!!
Happy “Chocolate Hearts are Now on Sale” Day!!

And also President’s Day, if you’re into that sort of thing. ;)

I’ve had some behind the scenes personal issues going on that necessitated a break from my blogging duties, but those have been largely rectified at this point. I think it’s finally safe to go back online and start making an arse out of myself again…Huzzah!! :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day. Apologies for the lateness of my V-Day wishes, but I sincerely promise to be back in action on here and my other 2 sites starting…NOW!!!

‘Til my first official “real” post back, I present thee with some super heartfelt (if belated) DC Valentines, along with a shot of me as “Dark Princess Peach” (from the Naughty Gamers Anti-Valentine’s Day themed show) . Enjoy, and pig out on some delicious, deeply discounted candy for me, will ya? ;)

I Choo-Ch00-Choose You,

Dark Princess Kasey

dark peach







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  • Matt

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Love your costume and the very-appropriate purse for it.

  • Gary

    Dark princess peach looks …. er….peachy!

    I mean insanely glorious!

    “2 other sites” ? – I feel I’m missing something, do you mean ‘the answer is always in the butt’ ? plus one other?