Slowly Coming Down from my Holiday High…
Slowly Coming Down from my Holiday High…

So, my orgy of Holiday Happiness has officially ended. :( I try not to get too bummed when it’s over, but I can’t help but feel twinges of suckitude when I have to take down my zillions of Christmas decorations (which I did yesterday…le sigh. :()

But, luckily Seasame Street taught me a long time ago to keep Christmas with me, all through the year (and how to sign that setiment, too! :)). I don’t think I’d be able to cope as well with my holiday withdrawawals without this lil ditty…I literally start singing it from about noon Christmas Day until Super Bowl time (the next big upcoming holiday ;)). Thanks for another valuable life lesson, my Sesame Street friends. Without you it’d be much harder to throw out my beautiful holiday wreath every year (I’ll miss you, Fluffy :(), and I might not be aware that C is for Cookie, and that it is indeed good enough for me. (I shudder to even imagine what a world like that might be like… ;)).

I hope everyone had a very beautiful holiday season, and a bright/happy/festive start to the new year. I have a lot of stories I want to share with you about some amazing people who are busy doing absolutely awesome things to start kicking 2014 square in the arse, but I’m hopped up on Nyquil at the moment and can barely comprehend what I’m writing. As much as I’d love to share their stories with you right now, I figured to (attempt to) do justice to all these wonderful folks I’m going to have to wait a few days til my head is (relatively ;)) unfoggy. :) In the meantime, I shall post these awesome pics a very sweet Tumblr buddy took the time to create and email me for your viewing amusement. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost believe I actually did some of these shoots (which I probably should :)). Excellent job, good sir. I don’t think I’ve ever looked more badass. ;) Thanks again! :) 








On a less frivolous note, my son’s injuries were actually a bit more serious than I’d originally let on. I just didn’t want to get all dramatic and wrapped up in my own shizzle when everyone was supposed to be all festive and happy. :) Fortunately, though, he’s doing much better now, and recovering very quickly. (Yay, and thanks to everyone who asked about him…Sorry if I kinda avoided your questions, but I didn’t really want to say much til I knew all was truly well. :))

Anyhoo, all this unexpected medical drama put me way behind with getting out my Holiday Heroes care packages, and for that I sincerely apologize (again ;)). I will definitely get it all done as soon as I possibly can, and send along some special extras to try and make it up to you all. I really want you guys to know how much I appreciate all you did to send out holiday luv to these kids. You completely blew my lil’ pea brain with your generosity, and I am unbelievably grateful for all your acts of kindness and selflessness. :) xoxoxo


I will update you with my tales of adventure and gratitude again in a  few days, but for now I shall leave you with this amazing vid as I slip into a fever-induced coma. It’s a shout out to the total badassery of the Ohio State Marching Band, for those who aren’t familiar with their complete and utter awesomeness. (I figured they might be in need of a lil love after Clemson kicked their team’s ass. ;)) #GOTIGERS 

Peace, love, and #TigerPride,


Me (Too sick to attempt to be creative right now… ;)) xoxo

PS- Just started replying to all the comments I’ve missed here over the past few weeks and came across this, so I figured I’d post it here with the other WW art. Thank you so much for this, Sliver…You are SOOOO talented!! It’s insanely gorgeous!!!! :)


And, just since we’re on this artsy theme, here’s one more drawing someone was kind enough to send me. Thank you very, very much Egon (I’ll tell ‘em your whole awesome story as soon as I’m feeling better :)). xoxoxo

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  • Jose

    Okay my mind just went off to the happiest place on earth thanks to “My Orgy” everything after that went blank for 20 min but I’m back but I’ll probably go back after I finish writing this ;p
    Don’t be to bummed out if you really think about it that’s what make them special that they’re only once a year and… who am I kidding this suck I have to wait a whole damn year again and FYI Christmas for me is #1 and Halloween is #2 I know you’re the revers (surprise). I love when you write or speak Le French, reminds me of Pepé ;p

    OMG I haven’t seen that Seasame Street segment/episode in forever soooo cool!! I owe Seasame Street a lot because growing up in Montreal if neither of your parents speak French you have to go French schools by law, so me and my little brother both learned how to speak English watching it but it also gave me one more thing it gave me my nickname as a kid… which I will not share in public ;p (Seasame Street 4 LIFE!!)

    Sick again it seems like you were sick just awhile back or are you just using it as an excuse to go into that so awesome Nyquil haze ;p just kidding hope you feel better soon! Those pictures are awesome, the drawing ones are amazing and that the first Elvira one I had to stare at it for a while because it really looked like it was you and well you know BEWBS!! So props to the person that did, them they’re awesome!

    I glad to hear that your Pooh is doing better and I’m sorry he had to go through this and you as well. I had a feeling that it was more serious than what you lead on but I wasn’t going to ask out of respect for you and your privacy. I hope he makes a speedy recovery and is back to his 100% what I can only assume from what you’ve said of him is awesomeness!

    I’ve seen that band video so many time and it never gets old, love it! Last thing I just have to say you are the most insufferable woman I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, on one hand I want nothing but all the best for you, for you to never feel sad, afraid, upset or hurt but to always feel joy, love, hope and a sense of wonder. Now on the other hand we have football were it’s the polar opposite I would not feel bad at all it both your teams lose this weekend, now keep in mind you made me turn on your Panthers that wasn’t me okay that’s all on you! So what I’m trying to saying is that you drive me fucking crazy and next season can’t start soon enough!! Okay done with that.

    Feel better Kasey and I’d send you a big hug and some Nyquil cheer but after that last part you might want to punch me so I’ll just say TTFN!!


  • Flush Gorden

    With all this artwork you’re inspired I think you’ve earned yourself the title of Muse. Now we just need someone to draw you like one of those French girls. I’m assuming that means in a beret surrounded by baguettes.

    It’s not just Christmas you should keep all year round but Halloween too. You can give people gifts and them terrify them into handing them back. That way everyone wins but really it’s mostly you that wins but there is a sort of mutual winning so the universe is happy.

    I think we all know what Doctor it was that helped make all that medical drama a touch easier to get through and from the sound of it you need the application of bow tie and fez to make you feel better. Now let’s hope that for you, like the classic Trek films, the even numbered years are going to be even better than the odd numbered.