I’m taking a page from the deep, artistic genius we commonly refer to as Shia LaBeouf and announcing to anyone and everyone that  #IAMSORRY…Sincerely. :(

It would seem my lack of organizational skills has gotten the best of me, and I’ve inadvertently screwed over some of you that participated in my Holiday Heroes and/or Valentine’s Day extravaganzas. :( I am honestly, truly sorry if you donated a gift at Christmas and I haven’t sent you anything yet. :( I don’t want to make excuses, but I do feel like I should at least explain why things went a lil’ bonkers with that.

The truth is that when my son got hospitalized on Christmas Eve it kinda set everything outta wack, and I never really got caught back up. I sincerely had everyone’s stuff ready to be emailed on Christmas Day (a happy Christmas surprise, I thought :(), but he was severely injured for quite some time and I didn’t get much of any shizzle done whilst he was recovering. A few weeks later when all was well again I tried to get caught up the best I could, but my switch from Gmail to GoDaddy was a learning process. (Seriously…you don’t even wanna know how many times I fucked stuff up in my GD acct. #embarrassing) Anyhoo, at this point I feel like I’ve got it all figured out (#finally #huzzah), but all the stuff I tried to save/file/fwd/whatever back when I first started that email (around Christmastime #brilliant) is a total mess and I am never going to be sure I’ve retrieved it all. As a matter of fact, some of you have been kind enough to let me know that I dropped the ball in regard to sending your rewards, and I’m honestly grateful for that (even though some of you could’ve been a tick nicer about it… #justsayin). I really, really had good intentions with this, though, and I absolutely want to let all the #Heroes out there know how much I appreciated their holiday generosity. So, if I accidentally left you out of the reward mailings, please, please let me know and #forgiveme for #fuckingup. If you are so kind as to help me correct my accidental oversights, I will absolutely send your reward out AS SOON AS I GET YOUR EMAIL, and if you wanna include your old timey mailing address I’ll be happy to send you a lil’ something extra to say thanks for being so patient with me. #MakingPeace :)

This really wasn’t a very well thought out plan; I just wanted to try to bring as much holiday happiness to people as I could. It sincerely bugs the living crap outta me that some of you may mistakenly think I didn’t care enough to keep my word. I’m honestly just a chaotically disorganized #dumbass, but I truly do appreciate all the donations you guys made. I plan to do the same thing this Christmas…I’m just going to open up a separate email acct. solely for Holiday Heroes to keep the awesome “helping out the kids” folks separated from the “hey gurl, yuz like mah dik?” folks. (Not that they aren’t awesome, too, of course. They just require very different mindsets, is all… ;))

The same thing kinda goes for the Vday stuff, too. I wasn’t expecting so many folks to request ‘em, and it kinda got overwhelming. (It’s insanely awesome that you guys did, though…It was super fun for me to mail them all out, elementary school style!! :)) I still hadn’t completely figured out the ways of GoDaddy at that point, though (#suckit #imslow), so I was trying to keep track of everything just on my phone. Which, lemme tell ya, was not all that easy for a spazzazoid like me. I sent out about 150 Valentine cards in a day and a half, but I still ended up skipping some folks. (Again, #IAMSOSORRY. :() I think all the Valentine stuff has been handled at this point, but just in case there’s anyone out there who is just too shy/polite to lmk I screwed up, please go ahead and do so because I sincerely want to get a card out to everyone who wanted one. (Again, next year, Valentine deets are going to a separate, easier to locate email. #LessonOhSoLearned)

To summarize, if you’ve asked me for ANYTHING (be it old school wishlist stuff, or during either of the holiday #extravaganzas) and I haven’t made good with it, PLEEEEEEEEEEASE remind me and I solemnly promise on a stack of my all-time favorite graphic novels that I will take care of it all IMMEDIATELY!! (Well, by immediately I mean as soon as I read your email…Just to #clarify. :)) It would be super helpful if you put something in the subject line like, “You Owe Me Bitch” so I know to give your email priority, btw. (That really helped with the Valentine stuff…I think the people who were accidentally skipped over were the ones trying to be nice and not put “Valentines, Bitch” as the subject. Just so you know, in this one instance it’s totally a bonus to NOT be nice…Every once in a while you just gotta let a bitch know she #fuckedup, y’know? :))

Anyhoo, this last bit is going to feel way inappropriate after all that (#IAMSORRYBITCH ;)), but my buddies over at #CouplesCorner (a super classy adult-type store :)) just posted an interview with me, and I promised I’d post the link here so you guys can check it out if you’d like:


PLEASE NOTE: There is a wishlist included there, but only because they really, really wanted me to make one (and it didn’t seem like donating stuff to kids was going to be appropriate in this case… ;)). I absolutely do not expect anything from anyone (I have enough thank yous left to send out, thank you ;)). I’m really just using it as my own personal list of…ahem…”supplies” ;) I plan to order at some point in the future. (I’d almost forgotten how fun that stuff can be when you aren’t just looking at it solely from a work POV. #PornStarProblems ;)) So, feel free to absolutely ignore it, or peruse it just so you can picture me having fun with all the goodies, if you’d like…whatever #floatsyourboat. :))

Big, sincere hugs of apology,

#TheWorstHoldayHelperEver #StillSorry #MoreHugs :)

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  • Kory D. Lee

    I’ve tried not to bring your personal life up in these discussions because I know how private you want to be about your semi-personal life. I really hope your son is doing better. As for the organization thing…trust me. it’s not super difficult to lose it all. I got scammed and ultimately almost lost everything. it took me over a year to get back to a semblance of normal. It lost friends and people I really cared about, I turned to the ultimate vice, for me at least it was cheesecakes. I can only make them and give them as gifts because of the permits and licensing I need to be able to sell them. That’s why I keep offering to send you one. You are an amazing woman who is stronger and more committed to doing what she believes is right. I really am honored to count you as a friend (even though it’s on-line). There. My support amid all the craziness of your life. It’s all I can offer. that and my love. but you already knew you had that.
    Here is my newest cheesecake I’m working on. It’s a banana foster rum cheesecake on a vanilla wafer cookie crust. I added a drizzle of salted caramel. this brings my total cheesecake count to 25 that I make. we need to talk about what cheesecake you want.

  • Brandon Wilson

    Babe, I love you. Its understandable switching over to something new. I did get your Valentine’s Day Card and I love you to death for it and can’t wait to get your ‘Care Package.’ I’ve missed chatting with you. Can’t wait to hear from you. I consider you a great friend and hope to meet you one day (say for my birthday, He He)! You are a special lady.

  • habs_69

    Okay you are a chaotic mess LOL and I ‘m sorry you had to deal with less than nice emails or as I would call then Rude Disrespectful ASSHOLE!! Alright no more of that, on to the 10 ? I don’t know what your talking about you sound like a party girl to me at least my kind and the added bonus of being a freak between the sheet or anywhere else for that matter is just fucking amazing!! By the way I’m gonna have to take a cold shower after reading your 2nd answers “Juices” “Face” “Writhes” just imagining that had my glasses fogging up! I would’ve never guessed you like to dominate that is so fucking hot and seen you in that light now I’m extremely Happy (Keeping it PG-13). Those were never real friends to begin with because it would take a lot for be to not be friends with someone and them getting into porn is not even in the top 100 reasons (not that I have 100…just a figure of speech). Hell yes a day of Cosplaying that would end up in bed is a great day in my book (Imagination running wild again)!! This is where I would strikeout I wouldn’t have the balls to use a chessy or any kind of pick up line on you or any woman for that matter #ChickenShit.

    I’m with you let that freak flag fly, I’m a trysexual for the most part. So what’s up with the armpits what is it about it what do you want to do to them or want it done to you? (Don’t have to answer that here if you don’t want). Let me just say that besides your 2nd answer, your 9th question answer was my favorite. The world would be a better place if people wouldn’t be ashamed of what makes them happy, life is to short to be worried about what other people may think and to be honest most people don’t really care what people do in their personal life.

    Well that was a great interview I really enjoyed it and I learned something new about you that I really like!! Picturing you walking around with it on is quite the turn-on if I do say so myself. Damn, you look sexy as hell in my head with it and the Jasina mask on!!

    Okay cold shower time!! Big hug and good vibes and don’t let those rude jerks make you feel bad okay. Because a lot of kids were made very happy this past Christmas thanks to you and them, even if those jerks don’t realize the joy they brought to those kids. xoxoxo

    And this pic is just because after reading that I see you in a new and fun light, MWAHAHAHA…Excellent! And that guy with the cheesecake down there, I hate him!! I dieting now and the one place I don’t expect to see food is here and BAM a freaking cheesecake someone shoot me!!!

  • habs_69

    Sorry K I’m back because I need to get this off my chest.

    This is only for the ones that sent Diana a not so nice email:

    I get it people she made a deal with you, that if you would be a Christmas Hero and donate to charities especially kids she’d send you a Christmas surprise/gift. Now you have every right to be upset and frustrated but just remember the name she gave this awesome albeit not well planed out by he own admission idea to HELP kids on Christmas was Christmas Heroes (Hero: A Person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and NOBLE QUALITIES).

    Now if you had no idea what was going on in her life at that moment with her son (Christmas is a busy time of the year) it’s understandable, but if you knew and still sent her “some not so very nice email” then you missed the whole point of this. This is about being charitable (‘Tis The Season For Giving) to the less fortunate among us, and let’s all remember sometime life gets in the way and messes up our plans as it did in Diana’s case. So maybe the next time you send Diana an email it should also include an apology because if you were doing this to get something from her and not to help someone in need, them you missed the point and maybe you’re the person that needs some help.

    With that being said I hope you all get your packages and just remember before you send something mean: you have no idea what that person could be going through at that moment so try to have some patience, It’s a virtue we should all have (I include myself because I have horrible patience).

    On a side note you guys that send dick pics, what is wrong with you!!! No woman on this planet including Porn Star like that shit, some of them put up with it because they’re too nice but trust me none of them like it. Go on twitter and tweet them your dick pics see how fast you get blocked. Have some damn respect!!

    I’m DONE!

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL #PreachItBrother!!! :) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Haha #CheesecakeIsAwesome #SuckItUp :)

    Just to clarify, I’d say I’m a “party girl” in that I like to have fun and do silly things with lots of people, but not in the generic “I love to get fucked up” way people usually mean it. I’m not much of a drinker or anything…I never needed any help to get weird. ;) #IfYouKnowWhatImSayin

    As for armpits, I absolutely have no idea how to explain why they are so sexxxy to me, but I’ve gotten a lot of email from my fellow #armpitappreciators, so maybe one of them will be kind enough to respond to you here. If not, I guess it’s just something about them looking so strong and twisty and hairy (sometimes) and having a beautiful smell to them, be it au naturale or sweaty or perfumed…I don’t know. #DontJudgeMeMan :P

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Aw. Thank you very much. #ILoveYouToo :) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Awww. That’s super sweet of you, bc you are definitely one f the people I know I’m behind on. :( Very, very sorry, but glad you got your card, and I super appreciate you being patient and understanding with me. :) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL I think I agrees w Habs up there now…You are a foul temptor, indeed!! :) That looks truly awesome, though. #AsFreakinAlways :) I’m sorry to hear about the permit situation. If there’s anything I can do to help out with that send me an email or PM on Tumblr so I can get to it. You are too talented not to be making bank with your creations, mister!! #Truth :) xoxo

  • Brandon Wilson

    You’re welcome honey. Also, when you get to me. Include your address. I found something that I think you’d love that I want to give you.

  • habs_69

    Damn you are can be so fucking mean some time ;p and the worse part is that you have no idea how much I love cheesecake or how big of a sweet tooth I have!

    That’s the kind of party girl I like and the one I thought you were, never thought you were the blackout drunk type. LOL I know what your saying. #ILikeIt :P

    I was just wondering because I’ve seen people on IG say they love armpits just wanted to know why you did. Judge you never ever!! But I will look at armpits in a new light… female armpits okay not into the hair armpits I leave that to the French :P

  • http://www.flushgorden.co.uk/ Flush Gorden

    Oh I think you you should take cake of the ones who send you a polite reminder first. The rude ones should be made to wait in the corner and think about what they’ve done. In fact send them to me and I’ll have them gentrified to the point they’ll be wearing cravats and bowing everytime you enter the room. Ah no not cravats, for you it’ll be bow ties and tweed jackets so they’ll both be gentlemanly and cool.

    Though when you think about it you do have a brilliant reason for falling behind. Godaddy is notoriously a pain in the arse. It’s like they purposely hide things you need the most. Oh and the child in hospital too but mostly the Godaddy thing.

    If you’re going to get yourself those super willies I think you’re going to have to dress appropriately they make you feel super. A red wig to give you that MJ look or go for the Black Cat slinkiness….ooooh or dress up as both and be a one woman threesome.

  • (G)Anon

    Not mad. You’re still great, and I’m sorry all that stress happened.

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    OMG that is freaking #brilliant!! (You’re probably sick of me telling you that at this point, though. ;) And thanks very much for lmk other people had GoDaddy issues (ha! ;), too. I thought I was just a big dumb dummeh who messed everything up! (That’s probably still the case, but it makes me feel a tad better that other people feel my GD pain!! :) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Aww. Thanks, but I’m more stressy now (well, it’s close, anyway ;) bc I let people down. :( If I owe you something, please go kick my arse in email form, posthaste!! :) xo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL You make it sound like heaven, actually! ;P

    Ahh yes, WW from the 60’s was indeed very…ahem…”interesting”. And the bit about being insanely naive for anyone over the age of 6 describes me quite well, too, so I feel your pain there, my naive brother!! ;) I’ll run a search for your email in just a bit. Thanks for letting me know I missed it, and not being crazily upset by that. I’m sure it’s just buried underneath a mountain of random dongs somewhere. (Again…#heaven. ;) xo

  • TommyStevens

    No rush, I’m sure I didn’t say anything that important. Since you like dick pics, here are a couple more:

  • CJD

    Oh man, you’re wearing a “Phantom of the Paradise” mask in one of those pictures! It’s been several years, but man, that movie kinda freaked me out a little!! It was a weird movie!