Merry Christmas(s)!!
Merry Christmas(s)!!

I’ve gotten many a Yuletide-themed sexual comment via Twitter this holiday season (shock!! ;)). But I’d have to say that the most overwhelmingly popular one has been the ever-so-clever “You really put the ‘ass’ in Merry ChristmASS, baby” (or similar sentiments to the same effect). Some might call that cheesy, but not me. I loves me a good (bad) pun! So, in honor of all the “Christmass” comments, here are a couple booty pics to say “Happy Holidays” right back at ya! ;)

Moving on…I realize I never did update on here after my trip home for Thanksgiving. It was just such a surreal (yet amazing) experience, that I haven’t really been up to writing about it yet. I guess I’m still letting it all sink in, but I can at least say I’m super glad I did it. Not sure that too much is gonna change long-term, but I’m very happy I tried. And I’m incredibly touched by all the words of encouragement and stories of your similar experiences that you guys sent me. I hope I was able to get back to everyone who wrote me about it personally, but if I somehow overlooked your message, please do let me know. I’d hate to think that someone would take the time to write me about something so personal and think I blew them off (figuratively, of course ;)).

There are two happy notes I can share from that trip, though. The first is that I was able to FINALLY find a reliable webmaster…My sister!!! Yay! :) I had no clue that was what she was doing now, but it’s been a blast working with her to get the Diana Prince site going. (We already have the “mock site” together and everything!! :)) That’s part of why I’ve been MIA for the past month, but this time I don’t feel so guilty about it. ;) Once the DP site is live, I’ll be able to post my porny stuff there, and make this one to be strictly (well, ok…MOSTLY ;) geekery. Which is going to be a big help to me, I think, because I’ve actually been very confused as to what I was supposed to be doing with this blog. I think I don’t do enough geek talkin’ here to keep those that are into my “Kasey” side happy, yet I post only tame pics, so I’m not really satisfying my “Diana” peeps, either. I think finally being able to separate the two will really help me be able to show both sides of my kinky/geeky personality more effectively. (Which means it’ll be easier for me to blog more often…In theory, at least. ;))

The second happy trip occurrence I can share is that I got to go through some old photos and videos of my childhood days. Kinda cool to have a super blast from the past like that, and remember the simpler times. (Though, really, I don’t feel like I’ve changed all that much since then. I’m still just a big ol’ dorky kid at heart…who happens to get plowed on cam for a living. ;)) Here’s one of my favorite pics of the bunch:

It’s me and my sis circa 1983 or so…Betcha can’t guess which is me! ;)

Anyhoo, I better get back to my Christmas(s) festivites…I hope everyone out there is having an amazing holiday (whether you actually celebrate it or not ;)), and wish you all the absolute best in 2011. Hopefully my first blog of the new year will be directing you to my brand spanking new Diana Prince site, so I can finally start fully geeking it up over here!! ;)

I leave you with a clip of my absolute favorite Christmas special of all time…While there are many great ones (He-Man and Shera Christmas, Koopa Klaus, A Chipmunk Christmas, Christmas Comes to Pac-Land, etc. etc.) that I HAVE to watch every year, it just isn’t Christmas to me until I’ve seen Mickey’s Christmas Carol. (It always manages to bring a tear to my eye…In a good way, of course. :))

Giant ChristmASS Hugs,
Kasey Klaus

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