Oh, Archiekins…WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? :(
Oh, Archiekins…WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? :(

I have a dirty, dirty secret to confess: I Love Archie!!!

I don’t talk about it all that much, but I have subscriptions to several of the Archie titles (Afterlife makes me tingly ;)), I’ve got a couple of Archie apps taking up premium space on my phone (that I admit I’ve spent waaaay too much money on building up properly), I own every ep of Archies Weird Mysteries on VHS, DVD, and DVR (each version is slightly different, I swear!! ;)), I seriously considered making “Veronica Lodge” my stage name, and the Archie panel at SDCC last year was the ONLY one I considered a “must-get-to-under-any-circumstances” event. (Don’t judge me!!!!! ;))

I really wanted to not think about this whole Death of Archie thing because Riverdale is a super happy fun place to me (again, don’t judge!! ;)). However, when I woke up to this graphic image plastered everywhere, I knew they’d officially suckered me into their depressing lil’ web. :(


It’s probably going to take me a while to actually grow the balls to sit down and read it (I HATE when comics make me cry, dammit!!!!), but I did want all my fellow Archie Appreciators to be aware that this fateful issue of Life with Archie (#36) is officially out today. The people I’ve talked to who were actually soulless brave enough to read it have assured me “it’s done well” (whatever the heck that means in this situation… :(), but I’m choosing to remain in denial (for now) and try to convince myself that all is well in Archie-land.











See? Look at him up there solving mysteries, meeting KISS, and being a shameless ho and whatnot…Surely that means everything’s ok, right?



Whatever…If I don’t read it (or at least not the last page), it doesn’t REALLY have to end (according to what the Doctor’s taught me, anyway ;)).



So do I, Eleven, so I’m off to play a nice long round of Riverdale Rescue while marathoning AWM, and avoid reading issue #3666 as long as my Archie-lovin’ arse can stand not to. #ArchieLives!!! ;) xoxoxo


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  • habs_69

    Let me start be saying… You know I love ya and not in that creep stalker way like we belong together, we should meet or sending you those serial killer type letters. But in the hangout play video games watch movies read comics watch football and make fun of each way (Because that was less creep).
    I can’t stand Archie at all, so boring… I’d sooner cheer for the patriots before buying or reading one of his comics. I remember my father buying an Archie comic when I was little, the only thing I remember about it was trying out my new magnifying glass on it… That sucker light up fast and my pops was pissed as F***. And it not like it the end of this overrated comic that nobody reads just this series. Now you know I like some teasing but Betty and Veronica come on… I really know how to get in your good graces don’t I.

    I’m sorry for your lose I’m sure it will be hard for you to move on from this but I know you’re a strong woman and can get passed this. Me I’m looking forward to reading that last page! As a matter of a fact that the only page I’m going to read.

    Love ya ;)

  • http://www.flushgorden.co.uk/ Flush Gorden

    Apart from that “Sugar, Sugar” song in the 60s I don’t think Archie really had any impact over here. I’ve not seen them in any comic shop so they can’t have made it over here so we wont be feeling the same pain that you do.

    Remember no one ever stays dead in the comicverse. Give it a year and his little freckled face will come tearing out of the grave and returning to that alternative lifestyle with Betty and Veronica.

    It’s never too late to become Veronica Lodge, it would be the perfect name for a pinup persona. Just think of the Jessica Rabbit-esque shoots you could come up with.

  • https://tommystevens.bandcamp.com/ TommyStevens

    Think of it this way: Archie is still alive in the other titles, so he’s like The Doctor. He gets to be noble by sacrificing his life for someone else and he gets to stay alive.

    Decades ago, my best friend got me two birthday presents one year: He took me to a strip club and paid for a lap dance and he bought me one of those Archie digest books. (Guess which one was my idea) The look the dancer gave me when she saw the book was the high point of the evening.

    Most of the Archie books I had from when I was kid have vanished-along with Amazing Spider-Man 100, 121-122, and a Ditko issue. Pity me.-but one of the oldest comics I own is an Archie from the fifties. So, yeah, I’m with you on Archie-appreciation. Even if they never published the jokes I sent in to the fan page when I was six.