Programming Note…

Le sigh.

I know I have not made good on my promise of blogtacularity, and have become quite the slacker around here lately. I’ll spare you my same ol’ “but I’m so busy” speech (‘cept to say that I am… ;)), and just say that from here on out I vow to reclaim my blogtacular title…As soon as Thanksgiving weekend’s over. ;)

I have a lot of stuff stored up from the past few months which I plan to post very soon (inc. videos, which I’ve been learning to edit myself…yay!! :)). I’ve been waiting til everything was complete to post it, but realize now that’s just taking too damn long. So, I’ll start posting it bit by bit once I get home to LA and the the computer which contains all of my tasty (bloggable) goodies.

For now, though, I’m happy to say that I made the journey back home to South Carolina for the first time in a little over a decade. I’m spending the holiday with family members I’d been estranged from for that long (until May of this year), and will finally be reunited with my Dad again after 10+ years…I’m super excited, and I hope that those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving are getting to spend it with the ones you love, too. (And, if not, don’t sweat it…Turkey Day’s a bit of a sham, anyway. ;))

Off for now, but I promise I’ll get back up to par very soon.

Happy Thanksgiving…Pumpkin Pie Hugs to all!! (Whatever that may be… ;)) xoxo

PS- Here’s a llittle something to remind you of the true spirit of Thanksgiving… ;))

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