Becoming Blogtacular
Becoming Blogtacular

I keep getting crap for not being bloggy enough…One gentleman even went so far as to call me “unblogtacular”. (The nerve!!!! ;)) I guess it’s true, though, that I am a bit of a slacker when it comes to this stuff. I just get busy with work, travel, etc. and by the time I have a minute to sit and think about it all, none of it really seems important or interesting enough to share with the world anymore. But, if I’m going to have a page like this, I might as well use it. So, I solemnly vow to update this site every 2 weeks. It may be something as simple as new pic or silly BTS video from shoots (shot craptastically on my IPhone ;)). But I will, in fact, post a little something biweekly so those that care can rest assured I haven’t dropped off the planet. :)

Today’s update has to be quick, however, because I’ve only got a few hours at home to pack, etc. (after a couple weeks of pretty much non-stop travel.) Then it’s off to the airport (for yet another week or so of pretty non-stop travel ;)). So, briefly, here’s what I’ve been up to in the past month or so that I’ve been non-bloggy.

-Went to Comic Con, but only really briefly one day, due to work/travel (shocker!! ;)). It sucked that it was so quick, but I definitely made the most of it. And someone awesome who was having trouble getting in got to use my press pass, which made him super happy (and me super happy that I could help :)).

-Went to Romania, Cabo, New York, Vegas (a lot), Florida, and Seattle. All for work, and not much play. (Though there are those who would considere my work to be play, I suppose ;)). I had pics from these trips and Comic Con I’d planned to post, but my old phone broke and deleted all of them (along with my contact info. :( Lameness…I’ll start taking new ones -and video- of my travel adventures and posting them here, though. Promise! ;))

-Worked for another Japenese company where no one on the crew spoke any English. It was super interesting and fun to me, though…I also did my first on-cam blow bang (11 guys, and I have absolutely no shame in saying I had a lot of fun with it…even though I was super nervous and intimidated at first!! I definitely hope to do more scenes like that in the future.:)) I also shot some cover boxes, 2 lingerie catalogs, a “toy” catalog, a swimsuit calendar, did some hosting for PPV specials, worked on a couple straight-to-cable films (I hope no one ever sees ;)), and did some shooting on the documentaries I’ve been working on. I also had some really important “mainstream” meetings I can’t really talk about yet, but it’s super happy stuff, and when it’s all hammered out I’ll definitely let everybody know. :)

-On a personal note, I got let go from both of my regular volunteer positions (one at a hospice, the other reading to homeless kids) due to my adult entertainment endeavors…It’s unfortunate bc I care so much about these people, and had worked at both places for quite a while. And I definitely don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with what I do (which is why I don’t bother to hide my real name). I feel like my job makes people happy, which, again, makes me happy. :) But, of course I get that there are many people who think otherwise. So, while it makes me very sad that people act that way, I’ll respect their wishes instead of trying to fight my dismissals…I’ll just find new places to help out that understand that us porn chicks can be good, caring people, too. :)

-On a super happy personal note, I was contacted by the one and only Burt Ward, which pretty much made my year!! ;) I’ve had a crush on him for as long as I can remember, and he acknowledged that fact in a most adorable way. :) It made me super happy, and he seems like a very nice guy (he apparently works with animal rescue agencies now, which is awesome). And it also gave me hope that one day Mr. Rick Moranis will also acknowledge my goofy perma-crush. ;)

I reckon that’s about it for now…More soon, I promise. I gots works to do to become truly Blogtacular, after all. ;)

I leave you with this pic taken last night of me being goofy at a little carnival near my house. (In a Yankees cap and Wonder Cuffs, bc that’s how I roll…I know it doesn’t replace bikini pics from Cabo or Romania, but I’m afraid it’ll have to do for now. ;)) I also leave you with these awesome pics of Burt Ward. Just because. :)

Hugs to all. xoxo -Diana ;)

Mr. Ward (jic you were confused ;)):

Ps- Yes, I loves me some emoticons…Suck it. ;) ;) ;) :) :) ;)

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