I had a normal blog all ready to go up today. I had happy updates on the things I mentioned in my last post, along with some pics to share of my various adventures, and also celebrating the fact that Hobbit Day is finally upon us.

However, much like when this happened on DKR Day, it just seems wrong to celebrate when so much evil has touched so many innocent people. All my personal silliness can wait; all that matters is that people realize that this just isn’t ok. We can’t keep having mass shootings every other day and not do anything about it.

I’m too sad to get into a full-on political rant right now, so I’ll just direct you to this article gun-control-michael-skolnik and urge everyone who is feeling sad right now to rise up and do their Superhero Duties.

I certainly plan to.

Peace and love,

UPDATE: Spent a lot of time today dwelling on the sadness and evil in the world, so I felt like I needed to celebrate some of the goodness that exists, too…Hope this song makes you smile. Hugs. :)

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