Shamrock Shakes for All!! (Updated with a Poison Ivy Teaser Pic :)
Shamrock Shakes for All!! (Updated with a Poison Ivy Teaser Pic :)

Quick update: Since it was requested that I include a pic on each post, here’s another outtake from my Poison Ivy shoot fer ya (seemed appropriate with the green and all… :)). I’ll post a couple of the saucier ones over on DPXXX, too, bc goodness knows I need to get off my arse and start updating that site more often!! :) xoxoxo




Now back to the original (epic ;)) post:


Greetings, ye lads and lasses! I’ve downed more than my fair share of green-colored Sprite this evenin’ and am totally soda-wasted, so I’m about to snuggle in and watch me a mini-Leprechaun marathon. ‘Tis a St.Paddy’s Day tradition, after all!! :)

Tonight’s selections:





I hope everyone has had a very happy Shamrock Shake Day filled with lots of gooey green goodness (if you’re into that sort of thing ;)). I just wanted to be sure to drop off a wee bit o’holiday happiness before it gets all Leprechaun Looney up in dis gaff!!!! :)


And just to make sure ye get an extra helpin’ o’greens:

Bum pinches for all ye (I’m mostly Irish, so it’s ok ;)),

Catríona Ní Chorráin (my Gaelic name, according to the super legit Irish Name Generator. ;))


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  • Brandon Wilson

    Happy [LATE] St. Patrick’s Day my dear! How are you honey bun? I would love to have a Shamrock Shake with you sometime. Dinner Date?

  • Kory D. Lee

    Hey princess. Well, I’ve been at it again. I developed a new trio of cheesecakes. I took a note from some of your older pin-up poses. Classic 1950’s Diner cheesecakes. I have a root beer float cheesecake, an orange Creamcicle cheesecake and my newest concept…a malted milkshake cheesecake (vanilla for now). I have pics on my instagram and I posted on Tumblr. Let me know what you think. I’ve changed my base concept to different “trios” of cheesecakes. I’m still gonna do single, large cheesecakes BUT I also think my 2 inch cheesecake bites might be the best direction for the snacking/quick desserts. Check them out and let me know. Happy belated St. Patty’s day!

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    I had a couple McD’s SS, and a few “healthier” versions from the vegan restaurant down the road from me. (Both were awesome. :)

    Holy cow!! That is such a good idea!! (Or insensitive of us…I’m not really sure. ;) The idea of Leprechaun remake super bums me out, though. Maybe they can use your idea to help make it awesome!! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Awww…That’s so sweet of you, but no way do I want to make anybody “jealous”. I’ll just enthusiastically invite her to join us, ok? ;P

    I’m sure I can handle your photo request, though. It never occurred to me bc this is my more “thinky” blog (as opposed to, which I admittedly need to update more often :). Happy to do what I can to help people de-stressify, though. :)

    Big hugs to you (and your GF ;). xoxoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Holy moly those sound AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the snacky size is a great idea! A lil less guilt for people like me who probably don’t need to eat a WHOLE cheesecake, yet can’t help themselves when they get some of that creamy goodness in their mouths… ;P (See what I did there? #Classy. ;)

    Happy belated St Pats to you, too…I’ll go check out your pics in just a few!! :) xoxo

  • Allan Valbuena

    hi diana
    hope you are doing great as always. take care always

  • Amran

    OMG you replied. AWESOME!!!! My girlfriend is currently sick right now and i just wanted to surprise her that I actually included her into our conversation. Her name is Nadiah by the way. She gets jealous very easily and that’s the part I like to tease the most. Hehe

    I always talk about you, your blog, comics and how cool it is that you have a naughty side but still have a fun personality with an interest in comics. I too have the same passion (The Sandman is my favourite).

    And for your pictures. I guess I gave the wrong impression. What I meant was that you could post a normal picture of yourself but still maintain the geeky-ness of this blog. Wouldn’t want you to collide with this blog.

    Big hugs with a sunny smile.

  • Scott T

    What’s your best contact info for setting up non-adult shoots?

  • TommyStevens

    Everyone needs to eat a whole cheesecake: One cheesecake, one person, one mouth, one stomach, you see where I’m going with this?

  • K. Allen

    dat Poison Ivy ;)