So. Much. Awesome.
So. Much. Awesome.

Forgive me in advance for what will most certainly be an extremely disjointed post, but there’s just SOOOO much awesomeness going on right now that I (almost) can’t stand it!!! I’m ADD with excitement at the moment, but I’ll try to summarize all the amazingness for you as coherently as I possibly can. :)


First up: My trip home was AWESOME!!!! I got to see a lot of my family, and stay at a beach house (with my Dad!!!) with the most gorgeous view ever!! Here’s what I literally woke up to every morning:


South Carolina is sooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!! <3 <3 <3

Speaking of my Dad, I got to spend some major quality time with him, and even got to watch him coach his team in Round 2 of the playoffs!! (Go Falcons!!) That alone was worth the trip home. :) Here he is in Cranky Coach Mode. <3


And just to speed things along, I’ll throw up this pic of him with my grandpa without further explanation. (Well, except to say that it was the first time I got to see my grandfather since Botchie’s passing, and it was really weird/sad/awesome to get to see him. He seems to be doing ok, all things considered; I made sure to give him TONS of hugs to hold him over ’til my next visit. :))


Moving on now to the awesomeness that was the Pats/Cats matchup…This was me at the game:


I got called “Lady Gaga” a lot (though I was obviously much more Katy Perry!! ;)). All the folks around me gave me a hard time for “going both ways”, and it was definitely super weird/confusing to love both teams so much. I have to admit, though, I was a tick more excited for the Panthers, just because they’ve come so far this season!! :) I knew that for sure the moment I chose to ONLY put on my Panthers thong instead of wearing my Pats thong over it, as I’d originally planned.


My vagina always speaks the truth… ;)

In one last bit o’family funness, my lil sis got engaged!!! Here she is being super excited with her fiance. (Awwww!!! :))


And here she is back when we were both just lil’ wee ones. (Apologies for dragging this pic out yet again, but this is how I think of her, even now, so it seems appropriate. :))


Such a cute little Weeble Wobble!!! Congrats, Randi. Love you guys!! :) xoxoxo

Now to important matters of fandom and whatnot…

I must say again, “So. Much. Awesome!!!” 

To briefly summarize, we’ve got all the Who-ness happening… (Woot!! :))


 …along with the excitement of the Xbox One being released!! (Yeah, yeah the PS4 is out, too. Whatever, yo. ;))


Sorry, but I’m a diehard Xbox girl! (Though I’m sure I’ll eventually cave and get the PS4, too. I’m weak that way. ;))

There’s also the new Hunger Games movie, the MLP: Friendship is Magic season premiere, and the Brady/Manning showdown…Is it any wonder I’m going all Scanners-y from excitement this weekend????


On a professional note, I am sincerely honored to be able to announce that I am the first official cast member of the much-anticipated (second) sequel to Bunnyman!!! Huzzah!!!!!!! Here’s the trailer to the original cinematic masterpiece just in case you are somehow unfamiliar with it. :)

I kid about the “masterpiece” thing, of course, but I sincerely am a Bunnyman fan, and I’m truly psyched that they want me to be part of the next installment of this epic trilogy!! They’re going to make a prosthetic head of me and everything…SOOOOOOOOOOOOO. MUCH. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

And finally (for now, at least :)), it has been brought to my attention that you can vote for me for “Hottest Milf” on the AVN site. (Yay, I guess… ;)) I try not to get too wrapped up in any online voting stuff, but giant thanks and hugs to everyone who has written saying they voted for me. I sincerely appreciate anyone who gives enough of a shit to go to out of their way to do that. :) xoxo

On a side note, they picked the most conservative picture of me ever taken as my voting pic, when basically everyone else listed on there is nekkid…Methinks I’m being sabatoged!! ;)


I also look high out of my mind, I know…I assure you that’s not the case (not that there’s anything wrong with that ;)).  I’m just a terrible model when I have to pretend to take myself seriously. I’m way more comfy in Superhero gear (or even in the Panthers ensemble posted above) then in my porn-y “milf” wear. :))

Which reminds me…I have 2 super fun shoots coming up this weekend! One is a rockabilly Christmas thing, and the other is an homage to Zombie Tramp.


That is SO much more me!!! I’ll have to speak with the AVN folks after this shoot to see if I can’t get my profile pic updated… ;)

There’s so much more awesomeness coming up later this week, too! I don’t want you to get overwhelmed by all this radness, though, so I’ll save those tidbits for my next post. :)

For now, I leave you with this classic moment that I absolutely cannot get out of my head any time I say I’m super excited…

Damn you, unforgettable 90’s television programs!!! Why must you continuously haunt my brain with your greatness???? ;)

Super big hugs of fun and super excitement to all,

The One True Zombie Tramp ;) xoxoxoxo

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  • illmatic704

    Haha I love the outfit you wore to the Panthers/Patriots game. That game was one of the best games of the year. Wow you had some kick ass seats like u said. Congrats on being one of the cast of Bunnyman I will definitely have to watch that. U have my vote for hottest milf ever :)

  • Adam_LeafFan

    Glad you had some good family time! That’s always good for the soul! By the looks of things you definitely had fun at the game! It’s official…I’m now a Panthers fan! And yes seeing you in a Panthers thong completely swayed my opinion! ;) I will definitely take the time to vote for you at AVN site, whether you are fully clothed or not! You’re amazing either way! :)

  • Flush Gorden

    Oh my gawd Doctor Who have you seen it yet? I don’t know if you have so I don’t want to spoil it for you but if you haven’t seen it it’s pretty wondrous but if you have seen it then wasn’t that wondrous?

    It’’s…oh bugger I can’t mention any bits just in case of spoilers.

    But yeah that’s all that’s in my brain at the moment. I may have to watch it again tomorrow.

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    It was soooooooo hard to avoid spoilers all weekend, so thank you for being mindful of that. :) But now I’ve seen it and Holy Frijoles it was chock full o’wondrous indeed!! :) I’m getting ready to re-watch it right now, but I am super glad I waited to see it in 3D!! :) The theatre was completely sold out, and filled to the brim with Whovian camaraderie! At the end, all of us who’d brought our sonics (probably about a hundred of us) stood and pointed them at the screen silently in an impromptu salute to all the awesomeness we’d just experienced together. :)

    This part had people in tears, btw. (Spoiler, but at some point we’re gonna HAVE to start spillin’ them!! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Aww. Thanks, homie!! And welcome to Panthers Nation!!! ;) xoxoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Thank you, Mr. Machine Man. :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Aww. Why thank you, sir. :) And indeed it was! I have so learned my lesson about going to Pats vs. Cats, though. From now on I’m either going to see one or the other…Too many mixed emotions if you double dip like that!! This was basically me the whole time… ;P

  • Flush Gorden

    Hehe yes when it’s something that 75 million people sat down and watched all over the world you have to have ninja skills to avoid spoilers at this stage.

    My little squee moment was when they were all whizzing about in their tardises and someone says all twelve and told no thirteen and then you got a flash of Capaldi eyes. That was so cool. And having Rose but not Rose was a good way of getting her back in there without being the annoying Rose that was dumped in another dimension.

    But another highlight was the Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. It was really funny. I’m not sure if you can watch it here but try it.

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Yes!!!!!!!!! The whole theatre went bonkers when that happened!! And so agreed re. Rose. It was done perfectly! :)

    I’d somehow missed the 5(ish) Doctors Reboot, so thank you SO MUCH for posting the link!! That was freakin’ brilliant!! I would’ve been perfectly happy if that were the actual 50th special all on its own!!! So glad to know they made the final cut… ;) xo

  • Flush Gorden

    I know it was so funny especially the way Colin Baker was channelling his Doctor and getting Russell T Davies in there at the end. It would have been a shame to miss him out since if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have had Doctor Who back.

    No wait…the John Barrowman scene that was so funny :D

    You should try to find “An Adventure in Space and Time” it was the drama they made about the making of the first Doctor Who. It was really good though a bit sad towards the end but still another great part of the 50th Anniversary. That’ll complete the trinity of awesome.

  • Kory D. Lee

    I totally love it. I’m so happy for you that you went home and had a blast.

  • Brandon Wilson

    A whole lot of awesome for sure! Love your outfit for the Pats/Cats Game and I love those Panthers Panties! MEOW!

  • Jose

    I’m glad you had fun in South Carolina and I love the outfit except for that doll but the panther panties made up for it so I guess I can deal with it. I’m supper happy you got to spend time with your dad and grandpa, I did the same thing with my grandpa when I visited him and watched a lot of baseball games with him (the Dominican League is in season now). Congratulation to your little sis, I hope the have a happy life with lots of love and wonderful memories together.

    OMG Doctor Who was so AWESOME! It hit the perfect note and it reminded me how I miss the Tenth and when the Twelfth (Thirteenth) showed up I got such a GEEKGASM!
    I can see that we can never be together, I really don’t know how this Dolphin fan and PS guy can coexist with a Brady loving Xbox girl, but if we can figure it out maybe we can finally get peace in the Middle East :p

    Congrats on the movie you better let me know when I can see it and yeah I’ve been voting for you even when I was in DR…well when I had an internet connection at least and I know you don’t like the conservative look but I think it’s hot but I’ll take Zombie Tramp any day.

    Save By The Bell, maybe there is hope for us :p xoxo

  • Chris. H

    It seems like you have the same problem with your new email account as the previous one. No reply…