So, Who Wants My Stupid Bowl Ticket?? :P
So, Who Wants My Stupid Bowl Ticket?? :P

As you may have deduced, I’m a lil bit on the cranky side after the Pats’ devastating loss yesterday.  It dawned on me somewhere around the 3rd quarter (when they still only had 3 points…ouch!!! ;)) that they might not actually be making it to the Super Bowl (more rightfully referred to as the “Stupid Bowl” this year, as far as I’m concerned ;)).  I went on a Tumblr re-blogging spree to help take me away from the pain of the game (at least temporarily), and realized whilst I was on there that it’d be selfish of me to use my ticket for a game where I’d just be pissed the whole time. I decided that if the Pats weren’t able to pull off one of their Pat-ented (ha!;)) comebacks, I was going to give my ticket to someone who would really appreciate it.

Well, spoiler alert, the Broncos are going to the SB instead of Tom Terrific and Friends, so their loss is someone else’s gain.

I have one single ticket available, in not-the-most-glamorous of seats (somewhere in the 300 section, see seating chart below), but hey…it’s free! So, if you are REALLY a fan of the Seahawks or the Broncos (for some reason ;)) and will REALLY be able to use this ticket, shoot me an email explaining your sitch(at, and I’ll give the ticket to the first person I hear from (and/or the person who seems like they’d appreciate it most, if I happen to get flooded by ticket seekers).



Just so you know, though, you will have to pick this ticket up in person with your ID on gameday, so once I get your info you can’t switch it out with anyone else or sell it to the highest online bidder or anything. This needs to go to a real, true fan, and not someone just trying to make some $$$ off of it…Hopefully you’re out there somewhere, and I’ll hear from you very soon!! :)

Now that this football season has officially reached its conclusion (as far as I’m concerned, anyway ;)), I want to share with you this very important PSA. I’m thinking  Mr. Brady could really use those much sought-after high-fives right about now, so it’s important to help get the word out. ;)

On a reluctant side note, I really wanted to loathe Richard Sherman after this little incident:


But after his entertaining (and game-winning!) antics last night, he officially made me love him now. (If only he played for a better team… ;))

Peace, love, and endless high-fives to all,

A Pats/Panthers Fan in Mourning (til next season ;))

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    Someone will NOT like my email… #awaitingsearingresponse ;)