Sticking with My Nostalgia Theme…
Sticking with My Nostalgia Theme…

Happy 4th of July, Super Homiebots!! :) xoxoxo










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  • Flush Gorden

    But just think of all the things you’ve missed out on like all the cool rude words and accents that melt hearts and drop panties, or so I’ve been told, I still have to test that one out.

  • habs_69

    Love this… I got goosebumps on top of my goosebumps and it not even the 4th anymore lol. I will leave you with this because… Just because ;)

    And while flush is right those British accents are pantie drop and boner poppers (Example Elizabeth Hurley & Rhona Mitra) ;) they only work because America won, if the Brits won those accents wouldn’t have an affect on anyone here ;)

  • Brandon Wilson

    Hope your Fourth was kick ass Kasey! Love you babe! Just curious, are you back on Twitter?

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    It was very much so, thank you! Hope yours was, too. :)

    I am not, though I know there is someone doing a REALLY good job pretending to be me. I have to give them props (as the kiddies say… ;) for being so spot on…The only thing they left out was the nerdy stuff, which is mostly all my Twitter used to be. :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Aww. Beautiful. :) xoxoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL I cannot disagree with any of this, I must admit. :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Haha That is awesome!! :)

  • Brandon Wilson

    OK. I miss talking with you on there. Without it, we wouldn’t of met. Shoot me an email, let’s catch up! Love you baby.