Summertime Nostalgia Bomb!! :)
Summertime Nostalgia Bomb!! :)

This started out as a post touting the merits of the cinematic classic Spaceballs, in honor of its recent 27th anniversary. :) However, when I went to YouTube to grab some Rick Moranis porn a couple of clips, I got super distracted by all the summer-themed greatness they were recommending to me in the side panel (mostly summertime blockbusters from the 80’s/90’s). I spent a good two hours or so browsing nostalgically (I’m “sick” right now…I can’t be faulted for being unconstructive!! ;)), and realized that there’s a bunch of greatness I hadn’t thought of in a while that screams “SUMMER!!!!” to me.

So, I scrapped all my golden¬†Spaceballs material¬†(I’ll pop it out another day, Mr. Moranis, don’t you worry… ;), and decided to say, “Aw, heck with it!! I’m just going to make a happy fun summer-themed post featuring some of the random stuff that puts me in a summer mindset (for whatever reason) “. Granted, it doesn’t all make sense (Scream 2 came out in December, for example, but could not feel more summery to me…Go figure! :)), but hopefully there’s enough random goodness packed in here to make my fellow 80’s/90’s kids get in the Super Summer Spirit!! :)

I’m sure I left out a ton of nostalgic greatness that could be included here, so if I omitted anything that has extra special summer meaning to you, feel free to let me know. I wanna cram all the Sunny Delight (hehe ;)) I can in this post…BOMBS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) xoxox

(Best. Lyrics. Ever!!!! :))

(I went to computer camp every summer just to get my hands on this game, and some old detective game I, sadly, can’t remember any more. It didn’t even occur to me at the time that this would be the sort of behavior that would brand me a “geek” all through school…Oh well. #IREGRETNOTHING!!! :))

(Every summer when my family went on vacation, my dad and I spent ALL our time either at the pool, or at the arcade. It was pure magic to me. :))

(I wanted to grow up to be as blonde and cool as her… :))

(LOVE this movie, and still watch it every summer!! :))

(Ditto. :))

(I’m not sure about this one, really. I think maybe they played it a lot on MTV Beachhouse, which is how I spent countless hours of my summer. That made me “cool”, you see… ;))

(This IS summer adventure to me!! :))

(This was filmed right by my house during one of the last summers I lived in South Carolina. I was recruited to be an extra when I worked at the Naked Car Wash in Charleston, so this whole movie is one big South Carolina Summer nostalgia bomb to me. :))

(They played JLo at every bikini contest I was in for a couple summers there, and since that’s how I made my living at the time, I heard this A LOT!!! :))

(My sister and I went to this concert and sneaked our way backstage…but we were too shy to say anything to them so we just left…Oy. #NERDS ;))

(If the Saved by the Bell gang was on summer break, summer had officially begun!!!)

(One of the many reasons I loved my Gamecube… :))

(I was OBSESSED with this movie, and with Jessica Rabbit, of course. My om would yell down at the pool for me to come a’runnin’ whenever this commercial happened to come on. It’s strange that I can just watch it now any time I want…#TheMagicOfTheInternet)

(This album came out the very same day I first moved to LA. I stopped at the Beverly Hills city sign on the way home from the airport to take my first “Cali Girl” pic in its honor. :))

(My friends and I spent many hours during summer this was released tag-teaming our way through this because we were soooooooo anxious to see how the story played out. We didn’t want there to be one minute of any day that SOMEONE wasn’t playing it ’til we got to the end. :))

(My favorite Jaws…DON’T JUDGE ME!!! :))

(All of the above were movies I was obsessed with, and watched repeatedly on various summer breaks. :))

(Again…I’m still not exactly sure why this screams -ha!!- summer to me, but it definitely does. I’m guessing I probably played the crippity crap out of the soundtrack/VHS -that’s right, I’z an oldie :)- during the summer that it was released? Or perhaps it’s because I was so obsessed with this one that I flew to Georgia -during the summer- just to take a tour of the college where they filmed it. Either way, it belongs here. To me, anyway. :))

(I HAVE to watch this every Fourth of July…and it has one of the greatest soundtracks ever! :))

(See what I mean??? :))

(Just some classic summer songs…Basically anything by Blink 182 belongs here. :))

(Spaceballs gets another nod, since it’s awesome and lit the fuse on this big ol’ Nostalgia Bomb.:))

(I’m ending on Baywatch, at least for now, because it does NOT get any more summer-fied than that to me…)

(Unless maybe it’s Baywatch in Barbie form…I still have mine, btw. The dolphin really squeaks!! #AWESOMENESS!! :))

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  • habs_69

    Forgive me for this Monstrosity of a comment I couldn’t help myself

    OMG… I don’t know where to start… This post is just bonkers!! Not to be picky but you got some 2000’s on here too… I don’t care becasue we are really 80’s 90’s early 00’s kids.

    Music: You picked the perfect song to start this post!! Yes those lyrics… could they have put anymore stuff from our childhood in that song lol. I listed to the #TheChronic all the time when it came out (introduction to “Gangsta Rap”)… made a chubby kid with glasses feel hardcore (as hard as the pillsbury doughboy… I’m so hood)! this is my summer soundtrack and with these ones also me and my brothers would each sing parts of the song… I was the middle one with the glasses of course lol I think this was my first boner to a music video here and first video vixen crush (Bobbie Brown)… had no Idea what the hell they were talking about but loved it anyways #Innocence. So many more but I’ll stop there. Okay One last one because you got Back to The Future ;) Blink 182 awesome and my introduction to Janine ;) ha. You spent your time at the MTV beach how… so did I ;) Cool level over 9000!!

    Games; I Never played that game or computer games, I was always a counsel gamer NES Mario, Mike Tyson punch out, ninja gaiden, rad racer, contra, RBI baseball, etc… never went to an arcade until I moved to Miami and then I lived there lol.

    Movies: I had a feeling Summer School was going to be on your list and if it wasn’t I was going to add it LOVE that movie Mark Harmon “Gibbs” (Him and his dog with the peanut butter… I get the feeling it wasn’t always on his finger lol), Kirstie Alley HAWT!! and Chainsaw… I loved him and that scene in the classroom with all the gore was awesome!! Did you ever watch “One Crazy Summer” I scare the crap out of my little brother with this scene haha and T2 one of my all time favorites!! I know what your bewbs did last summer… I mean “I know what you did last summer” classic and the soundtrack did ROCK!!

    And nothing says summer like watching Pamela Anderson running slow motion and I’m sure you liked watching the Hoff too #FreeTheNippels

    You know what… When I think about it I had 2 different kinds of summer, My Montreal summers and Miami
    Summers… My Mon summers (in 80’s) were just me, my little brother and our imagination… Thinking about Montreal got me emotional, had to take off what I wrote… Maybe in an e-mail sometime. Mia summers (in 90’s) had a lot more adventures and a it was gang affair not just me and my brother we biked & roller-blades all over the place and all summer long, pool parties, the beach, Super NES WWF Royal Rumble & Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat tournaments, Shark Week, Staying up late watching nick at nite then USA up all night and then blurry porn lol… I could go on forever with stuff and I’m sure you feel like I have… Sorry about that :(

    This Post has been a blast… so much fun and it’s taken me forever to write this comment beteween all the awesomeness you put on and going to Youtube hell I even watched summer school will I wrote this lol, no JOKE!! I’m literally hugging my laptop right now because of this trip in time you just gave put me on. I truly hope you know how amazing you are for doing this especially being sick, you have taken me for a ride in your Delorean and for that I thank you Kasey!

    Lots of Love and big big Hug my 80’s 90’s and early 00’s dudette

    Ps in honor of you going to that Dolph Lundgren double feature HE-MAN… Masters of the Universe Frank Castle The Punisher

  • Flush Gorden

    Scream is very summery to me too. Since they don’t to a factor high enough for sun cream the Ghostface outfit is what I need to wear when the sun comes out :oP

    I can just feel the nostalgia, it’s warm cosy and takes me to happy place. Some of the music didn’t make it over here but my god that Informer song, he wants to lick someone’s boom boom? That just sounds all manner of wrong.

    Anyway none of these were all that long ago. After all the 90s were only last year. Yes it was only a few short years ago that all this stuff came out. None of it is old enough the get served in a pub. No no no it’s not vintage or classic it’s still fresh and new, Pammies boobs still have that new silicone smell and the Hoff doesn’t need to suck in his gut.

    Oh yeah that was Saturday nights. It would be Baywatch followed by Gladiators then some quiz show and a Bond film. Or “Boob and bum watch” as it was called in my house. Baywatch followed by spanex clad lady Gladiators, that just proves how spectacular the 90s were.

    I feel that nostalgia washing over me again, I may have to go lie down for a moment :oD

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Oh my gosh…Are you kidding? You don’t need to apologize for being this rad!!! :) I literally have less than 5 mins before I have to head out (featuring tonight :), but first chance I have tomw I’m going through every one of these…I can already tell you’ve added a LOT I agree on (and should’ve thought of myself).

    And Blink 182 is how I found/fell in love with Janine, too!! :) xo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Awww. That was my Saturday AMs, when I was a “big kid”. I still watched my cartoons, of course, but felt all grown up bc I also watch serious drama (Baywatch! :) and sports (American Gladiators). Truly the mark of a sophisticated mind, those two!! ;) xoxo

  • habs_69

    LOL awesome… I’m always a little worried when I comment and it turns into this, I think to myself will this be the straw that broke the camels back… Not calling you a camel ;p. I don’t want to belabor this point but this right here is a perfect example of what I wrote to you on DPxxx. I never write you something like this to get some kind of long respond, I do it because you share fun, cool, funny, and sometimes personal stuff from your daily life and also memories like this and Botchie :) I feel like at the very least I should do the same to show you my appreciation for sharing with us parts of your life. Anyways I consider this subject closed ;)

    I will say this I held back on here… I could have gone forever and that scares even me. Featuring… Does that mean you’re dancing? You’ve officially ruined my Saturday night because the only place I want to be tonight is wherever you are :(… Actually forget that I just remembered… don’t want your super germs… Sicko! I’m so full of shit… the ebola virus could keep me from meeting you if I had the chance (Creepy I know).
    Hope you have a great show if that’s what you’re doing! If it’s not what you’re doing tonight then I hope you have a great night in general.

    Dorkbomber out ;p

  • Jack

    Wow! I feel like I was just transported back in time scrolling through this page. Thank you for that nostalgia explosion. For me, all it’s missing is the WB20 saturday morning cartoons, bam!

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Oh man…I definitely feel your pain on that one!! :)

  • Jack

    You are definitely jerking some childhood memories here, I remember seeing all of these promos. *tears* I remember instinctively getting up at 7 while the parents are still sleeping and grabbing a blanket to the couch to get ready for 5 hours of nonstop cartoons. Jackie Chan Adventures, Teen Titans, Pokemon, Batman, Justice League. Wow, good times. One mooooore thing, for the shows that I didn’t like I would play my gameboy color training my pokemons to wait for the good ones to come up. Thank you for this post. I hope you are having a sizzling summer Kasey!

  • Blind Rob

    Kasey! The thought of you at summer camp spurned about a half dozen new fantasies about you!!! Oh My Dear Lord in Heaven! I don’t know how I’m going to be able to concentrate on anything the rest of the day…
    I have to agree with the last guy who asked about your ‘featuring’. If you announced where you’d be, I’d make the trip from Vegas to SoCal for that! PLEASE, let s fans know where you’ll be, you’ll get a huge turn out. Of course, that my be exactly WHY you don’t announce it. Not sure I want US at an event like that either… Keep plugging away at the geekdom, it’s great to have you one of us! P.S. Hope you’re feeling better soon.