Supes and Wondy Sittin’ in a Tree…
Supes and Wondy Sittin’ in a Tree…

Howdy, strangers! Apologies for taking such a long hiatus since my last posting, but I’ve been working on some really cool new projects that I CANNOT WAIT to tell you about! :) I can’t just yet, though, but hopefully within the next month all will be made very clear…I’ll definitely update you as soon as I get the “OK” to do so. :)

In the meantime, I wanted to thank you guys for all the sweet emails I got regarding my previous post. I’m often taken aback by the apathy that seems to run rampant in our society, so to hear how so many people were deeply affected by the tragedy in Colorado (and other unfortunate events that have made news since then) was really touching. It’s very reassuring to know how many wanna-be Superheroes are out there! ;)

On the lighter side of things, what did you guys think of The Dark Knight Rises? I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews, and I’ll admit there were some MAJOR plot holes, but I still loved it. I thought the overall message of the film was absolutely perfect, considering the tragic real life events surrounding its premiere. I wish everyone everywhere would watch it and truly take the film’s message(s) to heart. (I’d elaborate, but on the off chance there are still folks out there who haven’t seen it, I’m trying to avoid spoilers.) As for the new characters this time around, Bane was cool, and his Scrooge McDuck voice and lack of venom didn’t bother me. Catwoman was exactly what I expected her to be: sexy, and well-acted, but I think her presence was a bit gratuitous. (And I still give Michelle Pfeiffer the title of “Definitive Catwoman”. :)) However, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt was absolutely awesome. I LOVED him, and his Heroic Everyman character stole the show away from Bats, in my opinion. I really liked the ending, and even though it’s supposedly Nolan’s last Batman flick, I really hope somebody follows through with with the storyline they left open. (That’s not a spoiler, is it? ;))

If you have seen the movie (and therefore don’t mind spoilers), here’s an accurate review of everything that was “wrong” with DKR for you to listen to and dissect (brought to you courtesy of Ralph from the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ). I will agree that his points are valid (and even a lil funny ;)), but it didn’t diminish the overall feel of the movie for me. I still loved it, probably even more so than the last installment. (Perhaps that has something to do with being sick of The Joker at this point, but I digress.)

Ralph Garman’s Review: Dark Knight…Preach it!

And a bit of entertaining honesty concerning The Dark Knight, just to keep things fair. :)

I would like to note briefly that although this has definitely been the Summer of Dark Knight in my eyes, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved The Amazing Spiderman, too. I really didn’t have a whole lot of expectations for it going in, but Andrew Garfield was (wait for it… ;) A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I’ve heard a lot of diehard Spidey fans saying that Tobey Maquire’s portrayal is more comic accurate, but from a casual fan’s POV, this is what Spiderman should be. It renewed my interest in a character that I’d honestly started to grow weary of, and I am really looking forward to see how they handle the sequel. Also, I should mention that Total Recall was really fun, too. I sort of understand the hate, because it’s vastly different than the original, but it’s still worth seeing (even if Colin Farrell’s Eyebrows of Power are no match for Ah-nold’s epic oneliners…”Consider this a divorce!”. Classic. ;).

The other big topic of the moment is Superman and Wonder Woman’s potential hookup, brought to light by this week by this (gorgeous) cover art:

It’s caused quite a bit o’controversy, but I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. They’ve been shaking up a lot of the usual formulas since the debut of the New 52, which should be expected to happen after you completely reset things (otherwise, what’s the point?). I’m sure it’s going to be a short-lived story arch at best and, regardless, I believe Geoff Johns knows what he’s doing. He undoubtedly has a great story to tell by making them a couple, and since Wondy and Supes have been down this road a time or two before, it’s not like it’s anything we haven’t dealt with already. I’m sure if we bond together, we comic fans will find a way to make it through this trying time… ;)

And finally, a staple of my childhood announced this week that it will cease to be. :( RIP Nintendo Power… I will always remember you with love. Let us take a moment to revisit the very first issue, shall we? (‘Tis a thing of beauty, ’tis. :))

I have a tendency to vary my phone cover with whatever facet of Nerdom I’m relating to on any particular day, and for the immediate future I shall be reppin’ my Nintendo Pride.

I’ll be rocking this case:

with my handmade NES purse…Now I’m Playing with Power! ;)

Hope everyone is doing amazingly well…Thanks again for all the kind emails, and please remember to be patient with me if I don’t always respond in a timely manner. I do my best to keep up with them, but it can be a bit overwhelming at times. I’m also actively trying to catch up with sending out all the pics, autographs, etc I owed people (and have for basically years now…sorry!), so feel free to kick me swiftly in the arse as a reminder if I promised you something I’ve yet to make good on. I never ignore requests on purpose, btw. I’m just busy/scattered at times. I need an assistant to stay on top of these things for me. Preferably one as adorable (and effective) as this one. :)

Love you guys…Back to discuss football and other important manners very soon! :)

Peace and love,
Lois’s Romantic Rival ;)

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