“The Bunny, the Bunny, Ohh I Love the Bunny…”
“The Bunny, the Bunny, Ohh I Love the Bunny…”

Greetings and salutations! :)

It’s been a little longer since my last post than I’d hoped, but I ended up having to work my booty off this past week or so, and really haven’t had much free time to check in. Actually, I’ve pretty much been working my booty off since my “Leap Day Rules/30 Rock is Awesome” post, which is why I’m so behind with my blogging duties. I think I’ve had a grand total of 4 days off in the past month and a half (which is awesome, don’t get me wrong…I’m a total workaholic! :)), and when I have had down time I’ve been too exhausted to do much of anything. I love love looooove being so busy and productive, though, so I’m not complaining one bit! Just figured I should explain why I’ve been such a slacker ’round these parts lately. :)

I’d hoped by next post I’d have time to get into all the stuff I’ve missed talking about over the past few weeks (Turtlegate, ME3, etc.), and catch you up on some of the things I’ve been working on (lots of new “adult” fare, as well as some really fun mainstream stuff, too! :). Alas, I have yet another busy couple of days ahead of me, so I’m afraid my official catch up time will have to wait a bit longer.

However, being the holiday ho that I am, I wanted to make sure to send out some heartfelt Easter Greetings (whether you celebrate or not :)). I absolutely love hunting for eggs (still!) and pigging out on Cadbury Eggs (the most delicious of all Easter treats, in my humble opinion :)), which is exactly how I plan to spend my one day off tomorrow (along with some of my usual volunteer duties, which is, of course, the absolute best part of any holiday :)). Tomorrow also means Lent is officially over, so I can go back to eating sushi every day, and playing video games and watching anime (all of which I gave up this year). I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore, but I still observe some of the traditions I grew up with as part of my own special blend of spirituality.

Without further ado, here are some Happy Fun Time Easter Goodies for you…I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend, and I solemnly swear to get back to being a much better blog hostess very soon! :)

Giant bunny hugs and Cadbury Eggs for all,
Kasey Cottontail

The best Easter song of all time:

The best Halfway to Halloween video of all time (which is perhaps what Easter should be renamed, but I digress ;)):

The Best Halfway to Halloween chocolate commercial of all time:

(I still say that constantly…Damn you, beloved 80’s advertising slogans! :))

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