The End. (At least for Now… :)
The End. (At least for Now… :)

Hiya, Super Friends!! I want to thank everyone sooooooooooooo much for following me on this silly li’ blog o’mine. I can’t believe I’ve had it up for seven freakin’ years now!! (Thank you so much for setting it up in the first place, Flush!! :) xoxo) It has been a lot of fun geeking out with all of you, but I’ve gone through a LOT of major personal changes over the past year or so, and it’s evident to me at this moment that this blog has become part of my past.

I don’t know if this is a permanent decision, but I do know that I’ve been spreading myself too thin lately (that’s what she said… ;)). The fun of this page for me at this point is truly just getting to be my dorky, uncensored self, but I’m kinda overwhelmed by outlets for that now. (Which is an AWESOME change from when I first started this and had nowhere to post without judgment…Progress!!! :))

I’ve always believed in quality over quantity (well…maybe not ALWAYS ;)), and if I keep running all three of my current blogs, along with my social media pages, and answering as much regular email as I can on a daily basis, everything I do is going to suck. I’d rather do less shit and kick ass at it than do everything half-heartedly.

I know a lot of folks are regular readers here, which I appreciate VERY much. That is sincerely the sole reason I’ve kept it going this long; I didn’t want to let anyone down, or lose contact with any of the amazingly awesome folks I’ve been fortunate enough to meet through this blog. I’m hoping, though, that you will all understand why I need a break (at least) from SuperKasey, and be kind enough to follow me elsewhere if you’d like to keep in touch or updated about my nekkid/nerdy adventures.

For the time being, you can find me at the following links: (hereby my new “personal” blog…still with much nekkidness, of course ;)) (it’s goofy as all heck, but I love horror and this is where I’m having the most fun currently)

LifeBeyondAnalCreampies (my tumblr…the name is a lot more salacious than the mostly comic-related content. :))

My Instagram. (yep.)

My Imdb. (I can’t reply to folks here, obviously, but it’s a good place to start for folks who wanna know where they can check out my work. :)) (I am going to spend the rest of this week getting absolutely caught up with this, and from then on I plan to check it/respond regularly. I’ve felt overwhelmed trying to keep up with it at times, but I’m making it a priority to keep it as current as possible now that SK is on hiatus.)

I will update these links as they change, but for the immediate future I should be fairly simple to contact via these routes. Thanks so much for all the SK support, my Super Awesome Super Friends. I hope you’ll continue getting geeky with me elsewhere.

I leave you now with words of wisdom…and bewbs. :) xoxoxo



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