The low down on this new site…
The low down on this new site…

First of all, I can’t even believe how many people have found this all on their own!! I figured it’d be hidden away nicely until I got it completely set up and felt comfy announcing/promoting it…No such luck, though, so I figured I should explain why it’s taking so long to get it off the ground.

Basically, I’ve decided I HATE modeling. I RARELY do it nowadays, and even more rarely get copies of the pics after I do. But, just for this site, I’m working on getting copies of the cooler shoots (i.e., the comic-book-y ones :), so at least there are some fresh shots on here from time to time. (Trust me, I CRINGE when I see the older shots of me posted here, but they’re readily available, so what’re you gonna do?? :)

More importantly, though, my current endeavors primarily involve working on my own projects with my production company. We have several things in the works that I’m super proud of (unlike my goofy modeling crap!! ;), and I’ll be posting clips of those (trailers, etc) as soon as they’re ready. THAT’S where my heart lies now, and THAT’S what I hope you guys will be interested in finding out about. (Don’t worry, there’ll still be plenty of gratuitous nudity and goofiness in my film/documentary projects…That’s what I’m all about, after all! :)

I reckon that about sums it up…Be patient, and there’ll be much awesomeness coming soon…Just a different sort of awesomeness than you might be used to from me! :)

In the meantime, check out my Myspace for more frequent updates (assuming I haven’t been deleted again by the time you read this!!). For now, you’ll have to settle for the tastiness of the Berries and Cream Guy (above). Enjoy!! :) xx

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