The SK Swimsuit Edition! :)
The SK Swimsuit Edition! :)

Hiya, Super Friends! Tomorrow marks the release of the 2014 Grimm Fairy Tale Swimsuit Special, featuring this gorgeous cover…Oh happiest of happy summer days!! :) 


When it occurred to me that I was even more stoked for that than I was for this lil beauty:


(which also hits stores tomorrow btw), I realized I might just have a problem. :) Luckily it’s a problem I am more than ok with, so let’s celebrate the summery summerness of summer with some of my favorite Swimsuit Specials, shall we? 


(Nobody does swimsuits like Aspen Matthews. *dreamy sigh* If Fathom doesn’t spark Super Summer Spirit in you, then you might as well hole up and wait for winter…I hear it’s coming, y’know. ;))

se66 se009




Aspen may be the swimsuit queen, but the Grimm girls can definitely hold their own in that department. Here’s but(t) a very few of their “special” moments:





(That cover helped inspire my Comic Con costume this year, btw.  :))


(And this cover helped inspire this shot…at least in my own mind when I was shooting it. ;))











See why I’m so excited to get my hands on the newest GFT gorgeousness? The Grimm gals never disappoint!! (And, yes, I realize what a goober I am for saying that but, like I said, there ain’t no shame in my swimsuit special game. ;))

Here are a couple more bathing beauties who definitely deserve to be mentioned:





(I sooooo hope that rumored Avengelyne movie adaptation with Gina Garano becomes a real thing. If she can’t play Wondie, Avie’s not a bad condolence prize. ;))





(Way to make us pale gals proud, LD!! ;))

Finally, even though she never technically had her own swimsuit special (that I’m aware of, at least…if I’m wrong on that PLEASE do lmk!! ;)), no SK Swimsuit Edition would be complete without featuring my Lovely Lara. <3 <3 <3






(Of course, these shots are what inspired me to turn my Lara costume into a makeshift bikini during my Tomb Raider reboot shoot…Gotta rep the classics!! :))

bel3a (1)

But wait, there’s more!! :) 

It would be highly sexist of me to leave without posting a lil’ something for the ladies, too. (Or whoever, actually. I’m not one to judge. :)) To everyone who’s been longing to see Frank Castle in his skivvies or Steve Rogers casually reading the Constitution on the beach, you are welcome. ;) 







(Doc Samson basically always looks like that, but this shot wasjust too glorious not to be included!! ;))


(Good on Mr. Stark for not giving into that whole silly waxing trend… ;))

And last but oh-so-definitely-not-least, I present you with a real-life swimsuit special: Robin (aka Burt Ward) showing off the goods. :) He’s way more covered up than I’d like him to be here, but I had to correct a grievous error I made on Instagram yesterday and make sure Mr. Ward had a lil’ POW! in the proper places… ;) 



Now that’s a bit more like it… ;)

Pow indeed, Boy Wonder. Pow. In. Deed. :) xoxoxoxox


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  • habs_69

    I thought I had a problem as I was scrolling down looking at all these amazing drawing thinking to myself how can any really woman compare to these amazing… Them POW BOOM… Holy Real Word, Batman… Your picture show up and all is right with the world again ;) Those drawing are awesome and I have to say Aspen is amazing but GFT is my pick they are beautiful and I love the theme of them (make me want to play naughty dress up hehe).
    Hope you’re right about the Gina rumor, she’d be perfect and she would have been prefect as WW but what’s done is done (kick ass Gal). Glad to see that unlike IG you’re an equal right type when it comes to Men/Women in bikinis and you like the manly look #MrStark that’s so refreshing and very much appreciated lol.

    LMAO, now that how you do a #MCM… POW… All is right with the world now haha ;)

  • Flush Gorden

    I didn’t know they still did Swimsuit Specials. I have been missing out. I wonder what other marvellous photos they’ll inspire you to do. Maybe a Burt Ward, in the bedroom, with the curtains shut. Holy Mistimed Photo.

    Marvel did a few rather alluring Swimsuit specials back in the 90s. I remember them well. How could a bikini clad She-Hulk not be seared into an adolescent brain. Although I’m surprised you forgot about the gratuitously naked Ghost Rider shot from one of them. He just let everything hang out. That was also seared into my brain but I think it might have been his Penance Stare.

    Now I think about it that’s pretty much what happens to me if I go out in the sun too long.

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL No Dong = Not Nekkid. GR deserves much more than that!! ;) #FTW

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL One more epic male comic book #MCM moment for ya…I know what you’re gonna say, and you are most welcome, sir. ;) xo

  • Flush Gorden

    If any man’s body was completely consumed in a constant burny fire he probably would be happy that part wasn’t getting the full toasty treatment :oP

  • habs_69

    Gotta respect a man that puts a Hulk comic over his man parts… I’d have to put a… I’m gonna stop there before I say something embarrassing ;p… Thanks for the #FTW