Tom Brady, Werewolves, and My New Email Address. :)
Tom Brady, Werewolves, and My New Email Address. :)

Greetings, all. Just a quick note to share my excitement as I’m packing to head home to the Carolinas for the Pats/Panthers game…HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you’re going, too, lmk so I can say hi or give you hugs or something. :)

I am sooo emotionally torn over this showdown between my two loves, but I think ultimately I have to for the Panthers. I made this super-rad, ultra-professional vid to help demonstrate my conflicted emotions. ;)

Adventure updates upon my return, of course. :)

In brief other news, I got to name a character in an upcoming werewolf movie….HOORAY, Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It was a Kickstarter thing…I love to help folks on there whenever I’m able! :))

I wanted to give a nod to one of my favorite badass comic book chicks, but I didn’t want to be TOO obvious about it, so I went with “Betsy Braddock”. Here are some pics jic you aren’t familiar with her awesomeness. (And if that’s the case, FOR SHAME!!! ;))


The dude in charge totally got it and was super happy to re-name the character after her. I’m super excited to see how their film comes out!! :)

Finally, as some of you are well aware I have whored my gmail addy out far too often, and have so much random BS in there that I will NEVER get around to answering it all. It depresses me when I can’t get back to everyone, or even if it just takes me a ridiculously long while to do so (which happens often), so I decided to just start fresh with a new contact email: 

Hopefully this way the real folks with something to actually say can reach me more easily. I’ll still try to weed through all the old gmail messages (eventually ;)), but if you have something you want a response to in a more timely manner,  this is going to be the best way to reach me now. :)

I gots to go finish packing (one last “HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!” for the road… ;)), but I’ll leave you with this classic bit of hilarity to keep you company until I’m able to check in again.

(I’ve just been in a very MP mood the past few days. :))

Hugs to all, and “GO PATS!!!” Err, I mean, “GO PANTHERS!!!” No, wait…”GO PATS!!!!”

Aargh!! You’re tearing me apart!!!!

(Timely references are timely. ;)) xoxoxo

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  • Jose

    ROTFLMFAO!! You’re such a goofball and that’s probably the manliest Brady’s voice has ever sounded BOOM!! ;p Go Cats Go!!

    That’s so cool that you got to name a character and a great choice, love Psylocke . Good to know I’ll add the email to my contacts even though I use tumblr more. Monty Python and The Holy Grail just classic and OMG The Room quite possible the worse movie ever made in the history of movie making, my friend made me watch it I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or kill someone it was so bad.

    Well if you see this before you leave hope you have a safe trip and lots of fun and I wrote some post on your DianaPrince blog and I guess they didn’t go through :( I don’t know if it’s me or what, just letting you know.

    Hugs and slap hands. xoxo

    Go Cats Go!!

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    How dare you mock the great and powerful Brady that way!!! :P

    Haha So agreed about The Room, though. They have midnight showings of it every week at a theatre near my house. I’m tempted to go bc it might be funn, but I’ve stayed away so far bc I don’t know if I could actually sit through that again… ;)

    Thanks so much! And thanks for lmk about the comment thing on DP. I’ll see what’s up with that when I get a sec.

    Hugs and SLAPS back at ya!! ;) xoxo

    Ps- Woot!!!! ;)

  • Flush Gorden

    As I like to say at moments like this Woooo Sports. But YAY Monty Python. You can’t listen to “The Galaxy Song” or “Always look on the bright side of life” without having a giggle. Oh and “The Lumberjack Song”.

    After Life of Brian no one can look at rabbits in the same way again hehe.

    The only clips of The Room I’ve seen were on Riff Trax. I think that’s the only way I could make it through that one and I usually have quite a high tolerance for shite films.

  • Adam_LeafFan

    Don’t have a football team, but I’ll make a point of cheering for the team you want to win the most, how’s that sound? Enjoy your trip! I sent an email to the new address as a test run! Also, is it just me or do the images of the character you posted look a lot like you? Maybe I’m seeing what I want to see! ;) Talk to you soon.

  • Jose

    Are you really surprised? You should know me by know, I take every opportunity to mock Justin Bieber… I mean Tom Brady. :P

    I watched The Room once and it was enough, the only way I actually watch it was high and I also got some well deserved sugar after, like I said a friend made me watch it and she paid, man did she pay for that. ;) If you could actually sit through that movie again WOW WOW you’re a lot stronger and brave than I could ever be.

    I get the feeling that your all caps “SLAPS” mean something different than my slap. I meant it as in The Waterboy, you know high 5 but I don’t if I should duck or be aroused by your “SLAPS” I’m hoping it’s the latter but since I mocked your God I think I should duck. :P

  • illmatic704

    Yea take a lot of pics I love to see them. This is going to be a epic game. So much excitement here. Fans are ready to see this matchup. Looks like the weather will be perfect for the game. I’m still trying to get tix if I can’t get tix I’m going to join some friends tailgating.

  • RW

    That was THE best sports video ever!!
    John Madden eat yo heart out.

    OMG And the MP lol. So much goofiness and win.
    Think I woke my roomie from giggling so hard.

    Kasey iz Awwwsommme :D Enjoy your trip home! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Haha Glad to hear you enjoyed my first sports documentary. ;) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Gosh I wish I’d checked in here sooner!! I ended up having 2 extra tix!! I had super awesome seats and ended up giving them to 2 cousins who totally didn’t care about the game and complained about how “dumb” football was the whole time!! Grrrrrr!! I would have soooooooooo much rather have given them to you!!! :( Ah well…Did you get to go, at least?

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Indeed I did, but I had super sporadic internet access whilst I was home so I haven’t responded to many emails yet. But it’s already way better and easier to weed through than my old gmail acct., so I promise I’ll get to them by tomw at the latest!! :) xo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Why thank you…And welcome! ;)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Haha I will so take that compliment, sir…Thank you!! :) xoxo

    And thanks for testing out the new email addy already. Will get back to you as soon as I sleep off some of this jet lag. ;)

    This was my cheer at the game, btw: “GO EVERYONE! YOU’RE ALL AWESOME! WOOT!!” It kinda annoyed the folks around me, I think, but I had to stand up for both my loves!! :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    LOL Email me and we’ll figuring out this nomming business posthaste! :) xo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Re. The Room: SAME HERE!! I usually love them, but this one was just…No.

    And wooo sports, indeed!! We could’ve used you there with that sort of unbridled enthusiasm!! ;) xo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Holy Moly did you just call The Greatest Man Alive JB????? You are SOOOOO banned from here, henceforth and forevermore!!! :P

  • Brandon Wilson

    Sweet! Can’t wait to hear from you! Love you bunches! Also, you’re still in my thoughts & prayers about your grandmother! If you need to talk still, you know how to get a hold of me.

  • illmatic704

    I went to the tailgate instead wish I seen the game live. That was one awesome game. The tailgate was super fun hanging with other Panthers fans watching the game.

  • Chris. H

    Your new email doesn’t seem to work. No reply yet…