Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Woman!! :)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Woman!! :)

Hiya, homies!! Just swinging by to share some pics from some last weekend’s Long Beach Comic Expo with ya! :) I’m working on another one of my thinky posts, but for now, let’s just have some cosplay fun together, shall we? :) 


(Oh yeah! I should probably mention that I was about two hours late getting to the con because I made a “quick” grocery run first. If you’ve shopped in cosplay before I HIGHLY recommend you do it. There is a lot of unexpected fun to be had… ;))





And now for my super awesome cosplayin’  homies… <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

















 (Oh Michelangelo, you cad!! ;))


 (They literally had to tell me to stop staring at her bewbage. :) Sorry, Selina, but MEOWWWWWWWWWW!!!! xoxox)


(#FREETHENIPPLE!!!! More on that later… ;))

For now…Later gators! :) xoxo


PS- I had an awesome time at the “Trapped in a Room with a Zombie” event tonight. You can read my super in-depth report about it here. :)

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  • Flush Gorden

    Haha I think that may have contracted that jungle disease, you know the one…wandering palms. Though being caught with a mesmerised stare at Catwoman’s chest may have been a bit of cosmic balance. Oooh and Esmerelda is looking rather fantastic and Spider-man’s webbing backpack is very cool.

    And I shake my head in disappointment with all those man nips on display, think of the children and the harm they could do especially if it was a cold day.

    Hehe I’m loving your shopping photos. I think that could be another shoot, you a selection of superheroes on their day off doing something mundane. You can play them all unless you can get a merry band of people to join in :oD

  • habs_69

    Right off the bat I love the cosplay even if I’m not a fan of you covering you that face but I digress, now as for your shopping adventure… That is so cool that you would do that I wouldn’t have the balls to do that and the fact that people wanted to take a picture with you outside is so rad and so superheroine like… With great powers comes great responsibilities (I know wrong Spider-Person).

    Now for the con first I got thrown when I saw the Star Trek dude from IG was wearing a female uniform lol that’s awesome and ballsy too ;p. Love the little kids, you can see the absolute joy they have and how in awe they are. Must be so cool to go to a con as a kid and be surrounded by superheros. Hip Hop trooper is the man and the Star Wars/Star Trek very cool. I do say you look like you were getting a case of the vapors in that picture with Jason, Leatherface and Mike Myers… one could only imagine what might have happened there (I’ll let you assume what I’m thinking, it’s so hard for me to be vulgar even when I know you don’t mind… I’m such an idiot). That’s why Mikey is my favorite who else would try that lol and I don’t know how anyone could see you looking at Catbewbs… I mean Catwoman with that mask you had on unless you were making it so blatantly obvious which I wouldn’t put it past you ;p.

    Looking forward to you next post I think we might have a “nice’ discussions.

    By the way May your wish come true and may you have many many more happy returns… Hugs and Loves Amiga!

    P.S. have you seen this little guy’s cosplay? Might be the cutest thing ever!

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Haha Thanks!! I would love to dye my hair that color, but for now it’s just a wig. :)

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Haha Yes!! I saw her as I was leaving and ran back across the con area screaming, “Esmerelda!! I need a pic with you, please!!!!” :)

    Dude…Seriously. I’m so disgusting by all the gratuitous man nips on display…DON’T THEY REALIZE THERE WERE KIDS PRESENT??????

    And so agreed!! I had so much unexpected fun doing that, I definitely plan to do more!! (And if any fellow heroes would like to join me, lmk!! :)

    Thanks again for the bday wishes…More hugs to you, sir!! :) xoxo

  • DianaPrinceXXX

    Dude! It was crazy fun!! I highly recommend you go cosplay shopping one of these days!! :)

    LOL I totally thought I was being slick, too, but I guess the fact that I was looking down/over and ignoring the camera peeps might’ve given me away… :P

    Thanks so much for all the incredibly sweet bday wishes…You are so far beyond awesome, it’s bonkers!! :) xoxoxo

  • habs_69

    I think I just might be a little too bonkers and going a little overboard but it is your birthday so I’ll risk going a little overboard and looking a bit crazy ;)

  • illmatic704

    I love that costume. I wish I live in Cali so I can attend those stuff.

  • Adam_LeafFan

    Firstly, Sorry I’m late….But Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a great one! Now I think it’s pretty awesome that you went shopping as Spider-Woman! You make a Spectacular Spider-Woman, (cheesy reference intended!) As for you staring at Catwoman’s boobs…As far as I’m concerned you have my full endorsement & approval there! Who can blame you!? ;) As for Michelangelo with his hand on your butt….Shame on him! (that’s double speak for “Damn lucky Turtle”) You look like you had a blast, and you put smiles on kids faces which is a big plus! PS: Did you ever get that email I sent you? I figure it either got lost or you’ve just been super busy! Either way, let me know, Talk to you soon :)